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possible upgrade in the future.


so the wife and I went to look at a few new campers yeasterday ..  we had previously decided that one model was our favorite, but yesterday we looked at another modle and it has been moved into the number 1 spot for now.  previously it was the adventurer 910DB. the weight would max out my truck but it would have worked I loved the outside storage space in the slide on this one.    As of yesterday I thnk we prefer the Adventurer 901sb it comes in at only 400lbs more than my current camper so that should leave us 800ish lbs under the payload when loaded for camping.  it doesnt have the outside storage that the 910db has but when we think about it it has enough, what we did like aboiut it is the use of space.. the 910 beause of the slide setup just seamed to have a lot of waisted space that would be awkward to make use of at the front of the slide and the bedroom seamed like it could have been put togeather better.. I know its set up for a cali king bed, but the one we were looking at was a 2020 and no matrice so I would just put a queen from costco in there.  doing that there would just be open space on the one side that could have been cabnets or some sort of storage...  


is anyone rocking an adventurer 910 or 901 and can't point out other things beside what I have mentioned and give me some other opinions? 

2014 F350 6.7 Platinum
2016 Cougar 330RBK
1991 Slumberqueen WS100