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Sleepy whereabouts

Explorer III
Explorer III

Has anyone heard from Sleepy recently? He was a knowledgable old fellow and it was fun to read about his frequent TC Boondocking reports. He ventured over to FB a few years ago and that was the last i heard. Hope he’s still kicking around.


2018 AF1140DB, 400W solar, Trimetric, Lifeline GPL-31XT’s, rear deck,
2019 5500 Ram Crew, DRW, 6.7L-CTD, Custom TC bed, on board air, Front Rack

Nomad III
Nomad III

He was over at LOA some time back and had his camper rebuilt in Alaska. I don't think he was very happy with the job they did but I haven't been over to LOA since November of 2020.  He was a very interesting boon docker.  That's all I got.


Nomad II
Nomad II

Last check in I did with Sleepy was in Aug 2021.  No camping activity but all ok! 


2000 2500 9.6 Bigfoot,94 F250, Vision 19.5, Bilstein shocks, air bags/pump, EU2000, PD 9260, Two Redodo 100ah Mini's, Aims 2500 Conv/Inv, 200W. solar, Morningstar Sunsaver 15A/ display panel, Delorme/laptop for travel, Wave-3 heat.