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In the overhead equipment shelves.. the radios run warm anyway and the sun beating down on the exterior makes it downright hot, doors open or closed.I found this cute squirrel fan on eBay that sits perfectly on the receiver blowing air straight out i...
Lowes again has Zamp inverters that they are blowing out. In the past I've bought an 800W & 1KW and they work great.While at Lowes I found a stack of 300W PSW on sale for $37.28 (Normal $149.13)DRP 300W Pure Sinewave InverterMode #l: ZP-300PSStock #:...
Maybe...HERE is the just released list of TV stations that have either been completely bought out and will leave the air permanently, or will be moving back to VHF. Those numbers on the right of each column are in $$Millions, lots of them hundreds of...
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Asking for a friend.... I know in the past they basically suck. Mine in an old MH used to eat batteries... This one in his new TT is a WF-8735-P. It "says" it's a 3 stage charger, but these things have a history so I figured I'd ask. He (we) will lik...