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I reported a couple of months ago that the problem appeared to be fixed. It worked great for 10? weeks.Yesterday, I hooked up the 5er and moved it 8 feet then back to level it. Now the water heater works neither on electric or propane. Coincidence?La...
My toy hauler was stored over the summer. When I hooked it up for snowbirding in December, the a/c's both cooled fine but both vibrated as soon as the fans started. The main a/c stopped doing it after a while but the one in the bedroom seems worse (o...
I don't visit here much anymore because of the difficulty using the site and lack of content but when I do, I often try to comment on a post and find that it doesn't work because I'm auto logged out. Then it's a pain to back up, log in and try my com...
A couple of nights ago DW and I slept through fire engines and police 4 rows over from us. The next day we went over there to view the damage. I have a photo but I'm not going to post it - too soon.The owner and the dog got out OK.The 5er is destroye...
The left door of my fridge (the one with the flap that covers the gap between the doors) is very difficult to open. Usually, I open the right door slightly and the left door opens easily. The flappy thingy isn't stiff at all.I can't see any place for...
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