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Well, the 2012 X5 35d BMW SUV is at 175,000 miles, and while still going strong, the wife-mate has been jonesing for a pick up for years, and is deeply concerned that just maybe it's time to retire it from the hard job of dragging the TT around the c...
Youtuber Will Prowse has just posted a pair of videos about lithium batteries and fire hazards. This link will take you to the second of these, and after you watch it, you would be well served searching out the first one, which is a tear down of a su...
So almost 2 years ago, I built a solar power station on a folding aluminum hand truck. With 2-125 AH AGM batteries, 400 watts of rigid solar panels, and a 2,000 watt pure sine wave inverter, the whole business weighs about 250 lbs and provides up to ...
Just thought I’d post what I’m seeing. I have 400 watts of panels feeding 250 Ah (3000 watt-hours) AGM batteries. I ran them down fairly deeply, pulling 100 Ah of the 125 Ah feasible. Yesterday was rainy and fairly heavily overcast. So a little afte...
So I was poking around this morning on Amazon, and I see that the parts to add solar to your RV have made doing so *really* competitive with generators, not just in long term operating costs, but in up-front installation/purchase costs.Solar has alwa...
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