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Complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is called whining


A perfect quote from Teddy Roosevelt. I have seen a lot of complaining about the new site with no real issues pointed out or suggestions on improving it. I see the administrators and staff responding very politely to those comments. Change is often difficult and initially I was not the most thrilled about this new site either. But it works, most of the old content is here even if laid out a little differently, and the staff is open to changes. The old site is gone. This is what we have. I chose to work through it. I guess some choose to complain and give up. Just give it a chance, it might start to grow on you. 

2023 FR Sunseeker 2400B MBS

Explorer II
Explorer II

You seem to be missing a lot of information, I have seen many issues pointed out. The staff should be able to see a solution to improving them without people having to give them ideas on what to do.