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Partial power on 12V

2008 Okanagan 811SL truck camper, partial power on 12VShore power works fine only for 110 circuits.Slide and water pump work on 12V, with or without shore power connected.Shutoff switch works properly, all 12V disconnects in the Off position.Batterie...

Solar advice requested.

I am pretty good with electrical issues, but this solar stuff is new to me.New travel trailer     Solex4 - 400 watt panel system    TBB power - Mppt solar mate charge controller 100V-40AInside the compartment where the controller and breakers are mou...

JDsdogs by Nomad II
  • 12 replies

Girard Tankless Water Heater III - Error E7

Hey folks. TLDR: Getting an E7 error code on our tankless water heater, except sometimes it's an E1 code and sometimes it's an E2 code. What's the problem and how do we fix it?We've been using our water heater with no problem as full-timers for almos...