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Comparing Ford chassis: 2007 E450 vs 2008 E450

What improvements/changes came in with the 2008 E chassis compared with earlier models?

And any changes between 2005 and 2007?
Brett Wolfe
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In addition to the sheet metal/grille styling, 2008 got some new interior treatment.

Not certain, but I don't think there was much change to the Engine and Transmission.

For me, the big improvement was Much Larger Front Brakes. I won't call it a deal breaker, because the bigger brakes are available from 4x4 conversion shops and bolt right on. Rear brakes were also improved, but not to the same degree as the fronts. Difference mostly in how they're mounted, and OH! the Parking Brake is back in the Drum now, not on the Driveshaft. Called "Drum in Hat" with brake shoes inside part of the Rear Rotor. And the Rear Calipers now mount on Slide Bolts instead of the old Spring Pins.

GVWR up from 14050 to 14500, all in Front Axle. Slightly heavier frame.

Ford publishes changes by year. There's always something. I've just lost track how to find it.
If God's Your Co-Pilot Move Over, jd
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