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DVD/Home Theater issues

I have a 2012 Tiffin Red, and my DVD player started acting up a few months ago. It seemed like it would only play perfect or new DVD's. If we tried a Redbox movie that wasn't perfect, we only got sound and a blue screen. No picture. Because I wanted something that would plug right into the connections in my AV cabinet, I bought the exact same Panasonic model on ebay and hooked it up. For some crazy reason, when I hit the Open/close button on the player, the door will not open unless I unhook the HDMI cord. This is the craziest thing I have seen in awhile. If I unhook the HDMI cord, the door will slide open, and when I put the DVD in it, it closes and begins to play. To get the picture, I have to plug the HDMI cord back in. But when I stop the movie, the door won't open again while the HDMI cord is connected. But as soon as I unhook it from the back of the player, the door will open again. I realize that the HDMI cord should just be giving me the video, but it is somehow affecting the DVD door. Anyone have an idea? Thanks
Hagerstown, MD
2012 Tiffin RED 38'

try a new HDMI cable
there is a shorted signal connection
either in the cable or in the player
I can explain it to you.
But I Can Not understand it for you !


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