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Ready Brute Elite or Ready Brake on 2013 Honda CRV

I have a 2013 Honda CRV setting up to tow behind my F53 gasser. I really wanted to go with the Ready Brute Elite tow bar which has the Ready Brake built into it.NSA's web site lists a company in San Leandro, Calif. as the closest installer ( a 40 min...

Wingspan by Explorer
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End user?

Just guessing, this class A's traveling days are over....Might be a pretty luxurious or at least comfy hunting camp, tho'...Jim, "When the chips are down, the buffalo's empty."

spray lube on hitch????

I have another question that has probably been beat to death but I can't get anythign to come up in my searches. Is it okay to use a dry silicone spray lube for my hitch ball and WD components? I've been using actual grease applied with a gun and t...

BigSur2 by Explorer
  • 31 replies

7 pin connector lock?

Not going to start a debate on the benefit of locking things, Lets just assume it will make me all warm and fuzzy..:) Anyhoo, does anyone know of a lock for the end of the 7 pin electrical connector? For me it would fulfill 2 objectives,l some added ...

Can my Toyota Tundra handle this trailer.

We are considering a new trailer and want to ensure our tow vehicle can handle it, the specifications for both follow:Tow Vehicle - 2000 Toyota Tundra 4x4 with the 4.7 v8 Specifications:· Maximum payload capacity of 1406lbs· Maximum towing capacity o...

4aSong by Explorer
  • 12 replies

Ladder Mounted Flag Safe?

For years we have used the ladder mounted flag pole that we purchased at camping world. It has worked well even though getting up on the ladder to mount it is getting more difficult to do. One night in Florida we had a very bad thunder storm with lig...

Portable Ice Maker

Looking for recommendations for a portable countertop ice maker? How noisy are they? Could it be kept outside the trailer? When I looked at the reviews, it seems that people either love them of hate them? Thanks so much for your advice.

DonCon by Explorer
  • 22 replies

Better Than Wood Blocks!

If you are tired of lugging around scraps of wood to level your RV, you can get a great deal on Lynx Levelers right now at Amazon.Amazon Lynx SaleAlso, if you like their Facebook page, you might win a set for free!These Lego-style blocks work great, ...

DanKirk by Explorer
  • 44 replies

Smoked Bearing -- Spindle Damage - Axle Replacement??

Wheel bearing smoked on my trailer. I'm not sure how long it had been smoking, no one honked or alerted me. We were about 1 mile from storage lot when noticed smoke pouring from the wheel. I had a chance to pull the wheel and assess the damage. ...

14 X 5.5J Rims - What does the J represent?

Hi! I want to order new rims on line. My manual states that I am supposed to run ST205 75 R 14 LR C tires on 14 X 5.5 J rims. I understand all the coding, but don't know what the "J" represents. I just want to make sure I'm ordering the proper ri...

DRSMPS by Explorer
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Suggestions about finding a 20" rim for a GMC Sierra?

Who would have thought this would be so hard to find? We are leaving for Alaska on Saturday and for the past two weeks have been searching on-line and via 'phone for a plain rim for a second spare tire for our truck. It is a 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT ...

lizzie by Explorer
  • 7 replies

Tag Axle Dump

If you have a tag and a dump switch, Do you think to dump it in sharp turns? I am having trouble remembering to dump mine. I am noticing wear on the outside edges of both tires and am thinking this is why. Any suggestions By the way this is going for...

smallest footprint compressor dehumidifier?

I'm looking for small unit for my 24' class C. I'm anticipating off season travel to some wet areas in northwest.Is something like this about as small as it gets (Frigidaire FAD301NUD)?http://www.amazon.com/Frigidaire-FAD301NUD-30-Pint-Dehumidifier/...

tpi by Explorer
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