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Best sewer hoses

Nomad II
Nomad II

Been shopping around for a good sewer hose and connections to use when I'm at a full hookup site. Is the Rhino flex a good option? 


Explorer III
Explorer III

We use this one after several failures in other models, think it is good for the money


When we use hookups we use the Rhino flex.  Use the cheap blue stuff for dump stations, and reserve the Rhino for sewer on site.

I don't get why it doesn't fit storage for some.  Our hoses fit fine in the bumper, just have to take off the elbow and connector stuff.  The "nuts" on the hose ends have wings, and if oriented correctly they fit our 4" bumper just fine.  I like that I can get a 10' and a 5' hose in the bumper because it collapses nicely.

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Nomad II
Nomad II

For years I went with the least expensive sewer hose I could find. They all pretty much do the same thing. Last year the old trust worthy hose finally came to its end, I could not tape up anymore holes it it with electric tape (works great) or feel comfortable using it. 

I went with the reno hose two 10' sections. As far as the hose goes it works as advertised. I do not like the light weight clear end elbow. I ended up using my old clear elbow that had alittle more beef to it. The collapsing made it easy to store in wet bay. I just store in plastic garbage bags. What I do not like and I really never paid much mind to it was the 10' sections.  It seemed this past summer that I was never close enough to sewer connection to use just the one 10' always needed to hook up the other 10'. As hind sight goes I should have gone with a longer hose all together. 

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We have the original Wasted Master sewer hose (before Lippert bought them out), it is always connected and stores in it's own box, a really nice set up but not cheap.

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Rino hoses have been my go-to dump hoses for years and I've only ever had one hose go bad. The only drawback (like @MNtundraRet said) is that the fittings on the ends don't fit in any "standard" dump hose storage tubes, so you'll need to plan some other means of storage. I just toss mine in a plastic tote in my main storage hold.

The ends can be tight sometimes, so careful not to twist them all the way on unless you've been eating your Wheaties. 

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I was using them when still camping. My only problem was that they did not fit into the MH's storage tube. I just picked up a plastic container to store them in.

That worked fine for me.


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