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Need Help Playing Apple Music in My RV

Hey guys, I recently encountered a bit of a hiccup while trying to enjoy my Apple Music collection on a road trip in my RV.

I have an extensive library of music on Apple Music, and I usually listen to it on my iPhone. However, when I connect my phone to the RV's audio system via Bluetooth, I can't seem to get my Apple Music songs to play.

I've tried to check the Bluetooth Connection. I made sure my phone is properly connected to the RV's Bluetooth system. Calls and other audio sources work fine, so the connection seems solid. I've also checked the settings within the Apple Music app to make sure it's allowed to play over Bluetooth. Just to rule out any issues with my phone, I attempted to connect my iPad and another smartphone, but I faced the same problem. My friend told me to use DumpMeida Spotify Music Converter to download songs and connect them to my RV directly so that I could listen to songs offline in an easy way. Has anyone else had a similar experience or any tips on how to troubleshoot this? I really want to enjoy my favorite tunes while on the road.

If there's a specific setting I might be overlooking or if there's a workaround you've discovered, please let me know. I'd greatly appreciate any advice or insights you can provide.

Thanks in advance for your help and safe travels to you all! ????

It could be that some other device has connected first and is hogging the Bluetooth connection. Quite often my iPad will connect before the phone does thus blocking it.

There was something wrong with my iPhone's Bluetooth few months ago. It can't pair with any Bluetooth device. So I tried to download the playlist from Apple Music with Apple Music Unlocker.Then I imported the songs to my rv, Surprisingly, the songs ran very well without any lag. Thus, I think downloading songs can be a good choice.

Is it only a problem through that one app? Can you hear the audio through other apps like Spotify or YouTube? I’m not suggesting you switch apps, just suggesting a troubleshooting tip to isolate the problem.

And there’s nothing wrong with Bluetooth. I disagree with the previous two comments saying hard-wired is the best. Bluetooth is a fine solution.

One more thought… Did this ever work before and quit working now? And does this phone play ok in other vehicles? And do you have a partner who could try their phone as a test?

I would try un-pairing the phone and then re-pairing.

Also, some vehicles treat phone connections differently that music. Take a look at the manual for the stereo.

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Navigator II
Navigator II
look in
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Media & Apple Music

Is there something listed in there that needs permission granted?
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I dumped all my CDs onto a thumb drive that resides in the RV, another copy in my truck.
A hard connection is best. Get an adapter cable.
Most often I have lousy phone reception if any so I can only use downloaded music while camping.
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In my car I use my stereo's AUX function and connect my iPhone via it's bottom power plug with a 3 mm adapter.

In our RV, the stereo has a USB port which connects via my iPhone's bottom plug.

Last resort is Bluetooth.
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