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Another Kudos to Lippert Tech Support!


Hello All!   We have an 04 Citation Supreme on an 01 F350 7.3 4x4 that we purchased in 15.  Love everything about it.  Last year our original Happijac wired controller for our jacks stopped working.  Just short of 20 years!   I ordered a replacement board (733513) and wireless controller (723915).  Also a new RJ11 cord.   I have brand new G27 DP batteries, hooked to shore power and new AAs in controller.  I found “wireless controller instructions” online and off I went!    Instructions call to push #5 and #6 (all up and all down arrows) simultaneously.  Green light on remote will come on.  Then push ACC IN and OUT together.   The receiver board has a single LED.   Green for Ready, Orange for Timeout and Red for low voltage.   When I initially turned power on, LED went green but after programmed two minutes went to orange.   No combination of button pushing, corded or wireless would change the light to green!   On to troubleshooting:  good 12v power, fuses good, new new AAs, trace wiring, stand on only left foot,  tongue from left corner of mouth instead of right.   Nothing worked!   Drive 15 miles to town for cell service, call Lippert.   I called the general number and after climbing around in their Phone Tree, left a number for a call back.  Expecting to have to call back I was pleasantly surprised when Ken callled me within five minutes!   Ken heard my story of despair then pushed me around the Phone Tree until he connected me to Travis.   Travis was excellent and quick!  He told me I was missing a step due to having the wrong instructions.   In all my online Googling, I never saw these Correct Instructions!!  “please, do tell sir!”   After pushing buttons #5 and #6, wait for it………push #8 FIVE times, then push #0 FIVE times, then ACC IN and OUT.   And it works awesome!  My wife won’t have to manually raise our camper whilst I supervise!!!   I had read online of people having bad experiences with Lippert Support.  This was not my case at all, Ken and Travis were knowledgeable, patient and very helpful!  I would encourage people experiencing technical difficulties to promptly call and reach out to them.    Hope this helps people with future RV adventures!!  Be safe out there.