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Magnum MSH3012M


Hi I am trying to get my Magnum inverter charger to do load support for running my 15000btu air conditioner which is equipped with a soft start box. Of my Honda EU2200i. I have 300A lithium batteries and can run the air conditioner of the inverter ok but opviesly not for any length of time, so connects the generator and it will charge the batteries at about 100A but as soon as I try to start air conditioner the generator drops out. Is it possible to do, or is generator to small?

any help appreciated.

Frank Ottosen.



you would think a 2200i would run a genny but it would be good to know what you are seeing for starting amps.  it might be you need a softstart for the AC.

2014 F350 6.7 Platinum
2016 Cougar 330RBK
1991 Slumberqueen WS100

It already has a soft start. I have since run my FW with my generator and have found as batteries was at a high capacity the generator didn’t have to supply a  full charge and when turning on air conditioner and inverter the air conditioner started op and continued to run after turning off inverter, I will se if this works in the long term.

thanks Frank.