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Sanyo 210N Panels any good?

I have been acquiring parts for a solar install on my trailer. I have most everything except panels. Some used Sanyo 210N with enphase micro inverters were recently listed in my area on Craigslist. The seller is asking $1200 for 12 panels and inverters. Does this seem like a reasonable price? Are these panels any good? My charge controller is mppt so that is not a problem. I think I could fit all of the panels, not that I need that much. I could be nice and share some with my parents and try to sell the micro inverters.
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They appear to be 36v. 12 panels on a trailer? Dunno about that.
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Im not sure I would be comfortable buying and installing used panels. If they have an ideal life of 25 years then hasn't the best 7 or 8 years of them been used already. Im sure an inspection can confirm they weren't damaged but Im just not a fan of used stuff in the electronics world. If they don't last then you leave holes from removing them and possibly more holes for new panels.

That's my .02 anyways, I hope if you go for it that they work well for you
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If they all work then I would say that is a good price. I took a look at the data sheet and they have good specs. They were first manufactured in 2009. So even if these were a first run they still have many years life left in them.

I found one seller "Toboa Energy" that is trying to sell these same panels for $880 each. :E

Panels are all a commodity. Good price is a good panel as long as the mounting and size works for you. I would not pay more than 50 cents per watt used. maybe a lot less.