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Slide out bound up


Please help!!! We moved our 1997 Fleetwood wilderness after starting in one place for 6 months. She gave us a little trouble bringing in the slide. We had to use a jack under the slide to wiggle her in. When we got to our new spot we tried to extend the slide and the bottom didn't move. We checked underneath and found nothing out of order. Then we noticed the floor if the slide on the inside. The corners are extended upwards and the middle is flush with the floor. We think the slide jumped off the tracks due to the new gap on the side. Can anyone please guide me on what to do next? 


 we are still fairly new at living in our trailer. We're remodeling and living in it at the same time so please excuse the mess. 


Nomad II
Nomad II

Get out a ladder, pull back on the seals along the top and bottom of the slide on outside of the trailer. Is there a track along each side of the slide at the top and the bottom? It sounds like the top and bottom are out of time, the gears have slipped, the slide is katywhomppered, not square in the hole, and is binding. You may have to disconnect the drive system, push the slide out by hand, and retime the motor(s)/drive system. It’s really all going to depend on what slide system you have.

Nomad II
Nomad II

Any idea what kind of slide mechanism you have? There are different kinds.