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40' toy hauler with 8k axles

I am looking for  a toy hauler not longer than 40' with a 14' minimum garage. It needs to have dual 8k axles for more payload.Looking at the Momentum 350G and wondering who else has one similar?  Thanks

Spare tire

Just came across a video showing a guy mounting a spare tire carrier to the ramp door of his toy hauler. Just wondering if anyone has done this and if so how is it holding up.I have seen a mount that was placed just below the ramp door and ita seemed...

pappi49 by Explorer
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Toy Hauler

Any recommendation on toy hauler I can fit 2 seater X3 Maverick and a 4x4 ATV.

Alliss5 by Explorer
  • 6 replies

Toy hauler basic questions

Hey all, thanks for any suggestions. Just bought a 2414 genesis vortex. Been an rv 'er 25+ years, had a toy hauler 5'er 20 yrs ago, most recent rv is a class c thor 23u. Hung a dual sport off the some things I forgot. Questions:1. What do yo...

cbigham by Explorer
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New Toy hauler

Hello all, just bought my first new toy hauler. I plan on hauling my side by side in the back. I have weight distribution bars and sway bars on a 2 5/16 hitch. Dry weight is 5262 and GVWR is 7,668. This gives me a cargo weight of 2,406. Side by side ...

First RV,Travel Trailer, Toy Hauler ever!

Hello all, so I have been around the whole desert/river scene since I was 13 racing motocross most my life I always have had some type of toy and but never owned a trailer. Now with a wife and a little girl on the way a toy hauler is going to be the ...

Happy Trails Toy Hauler

Does anyone know anything about the "Happy Trails" toy hauler? I can't find any specs or info about the brand? I have seen them in Harley Davidson colors. Who makes them? Are they a good brand? Any known issues?

Toy Hauler Truck?

Saw an interesting combo yesterday. A mid 20'some foot travel trailer pulled by a uhaul chassis van with the smaller box. to them and they said they only take 3-4 short trips per year and ju...

A different Toy Hauler...

I never thought about posting a few pics of our Cargo Trailer {6 X 10' and 8' tall} in the Toy Hauler Forum but dedmiston suggested it so here you go: When I'm not hauling furniture, firewood and landscape materials we spend a lot of time towing it...

Toy Hauler rear door

my 2007 KZ 41 has a slight problem with the rear door/ramp. It has some how gotten water in it and has rotten out by the water getting in somewhere. I am looking to replace it with a new one but can't seem to find any place that sell replacements. I ...

bikernut by Explorer
  • 9 replies

WW toy hauler electrical

The other night the breaker tripped On the electric panel I’m plugged into so I reset it and my 2 bathroom plugs still are not working and I tried to reset the GFI outlet but it still will not reset. All the fuses are good and no breakers in the 5th ...

Toy Hauler Pictures

Welcome to the Toy Hauler Picture thread. We encourage members to share photos of your Toy Hauler, Toys and Adventures here. You can find our previous Picture thread here.Pictures posted should not exceed 800 pixels width with 640 pixels the recomme...

Y-Guy by Moderator
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Toy Hauler Member Map

So there's been a lot of discussion lately about where the Toy Hauler members live. I'm a visual guy though, so a picture is worth a thousand words.I created a public Google Map that any of you can edit. Please sign on drop a pin on the map showing...

dedmiston by Moderator
  • 205 replies

Toy Hauler Toy Selection

Recently got a toy hauler for reasons other than having a toy...but since we have the capability, considering if we want to get a toy.We aren't into harleys and are too old and fat for dirt bikes or quads.We could get a side by side but not sure we w...

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