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Entry Door Grab Handle mod for Arctic Fox / Wolf Creek

Shortening the entry door grab handle is a popular mod for Arctic Fox / Wolf Creek owners that have the Fox Landing.

The handle gets in the way and kind of blocks easy access to the door with a Fox Landing. Until I shortened my grab handle, I never used it because the ladder makes a better grab handle.
The new style ladders Northwood uses don't work well as a grab handle because the lower folding section doesn't use pins and brackets like the earlier campers used to keep it secured to the wall, so people are cutting 3-5 inches off the grab handle to make it usable.

Video on how to remove and modify the grab handle
2009 Silverado 3500HD Dually, D/A, CCLB 4x4 (bought new 8/30/09)
2018 Arctic Fox 992 with an Onan 2500i "quiet" model generator