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Ram 3.6L V6 with 3.55

Not interested in this as a tow vehicle for myself, as I'm very
content with my F-150 V8 and its capabilities and performance, but I'm curious about the newer Ram 1500s with their stock 3.6L V6 and with up to 3.55 gears.

Do any of you have experience towing a lighter weight trailer with this vehicle? Curious about whether the over-6000 lb. tow rating with the 3.55 gears is overly optimistic. Can it handle a 4500 dry trailer with perhaps 500-750 lbs. of cargo?
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Explorer II
Explorer II
2013 Ram 1500 3.6L V6/8 speed tow test
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The smaller engine will help the payload rating. These new 8 speeds in the Rams really are the cat's meow. I think if they claim it'll tow it, it'll tow it.
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Today's V6 engines make good peak power. Many make more peak Hp than V8 trucks from 15 years ago, but torque is lower. When mated to today's 8/10-spd transmissions, they could perform very well by keeping the engine closer to peak torque. It's more the customer perceptions of running 3000-500rpm compared to 2000-4000rpm from 15 years ago, or with today's turbocharged engines.
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