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Fort Bragg CA: one of my favorite weekend getaways

Nomad II
Nomad II

Fort Bragg on the Mendocino Coast of CA is one of our favorite Weekend getaways (actually I could stay there for weeks and not run out of things to do).  For us it's about a 4 hour drive from the east side of the San Francisco Bay.  We like to Stay at the Harbor RV park on the bluffs above the Noyo River Harbor entrance.  It's a small RV Park with only 50 spaces. They allow pets on leash, no loud music and it's clean. All slots have poer and water but only a few have full hook ups.  At Night you can hear the muffled sound of the fog horn (it's below the bluff so no direct sound), Then bell on the Harbor Buoy and the sea lions.

At the corner of the park on the Bluff is the Noyo River Grill which has excellent food and drinks and within walking  or bicycling distance you can go down into the harbor for fresh seafood dinners and 4-5 different restaurants or cross the highway for good BBQ.  In fort Bragg proper there are many good places to eat. Our favorites are Mayan Fusion and The Pub at North Coast Brewing (dog friendly on the covered patio) which has great food and excellent beers.

From the RV park you can walk out onto the Noyo Headland bluffs (great place for a sunset walk with the dogs (fyi the path is paved so its stroller, wheelchair or walker friendly). on the north side of the Harbor brige is a paved trail along the bluffs that goes north for 8 miles and is great for bike riding (you can rent regular or E-bikes in Fort Bragg) There are 4 or 5 State parks between Fort Bragg and the Town of Mendocino with great hiking and there are 4-5 flat water rivers that you can paddle up in a canoe or Kayak. At big river you can bike upstream 7 or 8 miles on a nice trail. Out of Noyo Harbor they also run Fishing Charters for Salmo and Rock Fish,  In Fort Bragg you can take a ride on the skunk train or go out on pedal rail cars (with electric assist) u into the redwoods. On out way home we take hey 128 for the wineries and always stop and Gowans Cider for some cider slushies, a gallon or two od=f frozen apple cider and a case of hard cider.


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My wife spent Summers there as she had family. Some of her greatest childhood memories come from there. We dated there as I chased her about Northern California. We married 50 years ago this year and spent lots of time camping in that area. Seventeen miles North is a campground right on the beach where we spent many Thanksgiving. Cooking a turkey in a Dutch Oven over an open fire was an adventure in itself. The Turkey and Dumplins the next day warmed our bellies, and hearts, and made lots of campground friends. At the time it was called Wages Creek I think. 

We will be traveling to Ft. Bragg one way or another this Summer. Thanks for bringing back such great memories.

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it's now called Westport Beach RV Park and it's run by the same folks that run Caspar Beach RV Park.  We stayed at Caspar Beach once.  They had the RVs packed in like sardines.  It was not a fun place to stay loud and smoky.  

2011 F350 6.7L Diesel 4x4 CrewCab longbed Dually, 2019 Lance 1062, Torqlift Talons, Fast Guns, upper and lower Stable Loads, Super Hitch, 48" Super Truss, Airlift loadlifter 5000 extreme airbags

Explorer II
Explorer II

Hey Buzzcut1, look slike you're living the dream there.


Out on the open road, parking up next to the sea, and enjoying some good food.

That's the way to do it buddy!



I liked the view out the back of your camper. Hard to beat that view rain or shine.



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Looks like a wonderful place!  Thanks for sharing another adventure with us.  

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glad you still have a Ft Bragg------ours was to racist so the Govt changed it to Ft Liberty.  Took of that history

I was going to reply that my dad spent 20 years between Fort Bragg NC and Germany but you beat me to it. Fayetteville was a tuff place to grow up in those days so mom moved us out to NYC... At least that was the story till I was old enough to understand...LOL

Beautiful Pics OP.