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My Chevy Traverse is at 241K and my wife says i need to order a new one. local dealer says 6-8 months. Just curious if that is them trying to get me to take what they can find or if the build time is that long.Thanks!
This is a long shot but does anyone have an owners manual with a schematic for a Load Master Tug? They were originally built in Kansas. I have one that is tired and I'd like to go through and make sure it is like new. We have had it about 20 year...
We are in the market for a new(er) Yukon XL to replace our 2011 that finally gave out at 262,000 miles last summer. In looking at the 2017 and newer models it shows two different suspension packages. One is a "premium ride" and one is an air suspens...
Help me out here. Our three previous coaches have had the 19.5. We are thinking of trading out of our current 2016 Winne Sunstar. We loved our 08' Sightseer 35J and that had 19.5 tires. We are looking at a 11' Sightseer 35J and it has 22.5 tire...
For about the last week I have been trying to find a report or such that would give the annual number of visitors for East Harbor. To be fair I have only called the general Ohio Parks Department number and East Harbors general number. (neither thoug...