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Bryce Canyon NP to the Northeast

Looking for info, if we stay at Kodachrome Basin SP near Bryce;
How is Hwy 12 thru Escalante to Torrey, then 24 to Hanksville and up to I70? Climbs? Narrow roads?

Traveling in our 32' BayStar with Toad in October (would be keeping a close watch on weather :). . .

Thanks for input.
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The 'Hogback' isn't a big deal. It's very short - less than a mile, I would guess and the pavement doesn't end at a dropoff. There's good space. Everyone will be going slow. It's over before you know it. It's one of the most scenic drives we've taken. The Million Dollar Hwy in Colorado (550) is our best drive! We've done both many times with our 40' motorhome. October is a perfect time to drive that area. We love it!

Remember, any state highway designated SCENIC in Utah must include 10% grades with slow to 15mph curves..I think it's state law. But, highway 12 is a wonderful road going from Escalante to Torrey and not to be missed.


We were out there last spring. After Mrs. S. saw Traveling Robert's video on Hwy 12 - complete with the Hogsback - she made me promise not to make her go on it. We had to take the long way around.

It's just Mrs. SpeakEasy and me now (empty-nesters). But we can choose from among 7 grandchildren to drag along with us!

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It is worth the drive. When we got near the top of Hogback the wife ran to the back and put her head down for a few miles. That was the only spot that made her nervous.

Explorer III
Explorer III
Last October 4 of us went from Torrey to Bryce, all towing 5th wheels. Agreed, it's about the coolest drive ever, except one person said never again.
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Explorer II
Explorer II
On the route from Bryce to Torrey, there are several large paved scenic overlooks. If it's a clear day, try to stop at every one of them. You will be amazed. And bring binoculars.

Budget a lot of time for this drive. Not too much traffic, but lots to see.

Capitol Reef (near Torrey) is worth a few days, if you can spend the time.
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Explorer III
Explorer III
I’ve driven it in both rigs below towing a car. There are several short 8-10% sections.
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Drive that route and you will agree that it is the most scenic drive you ever had. The Hogback is only a half mile long and was nothing IMO. Boulder mountain pass was around 8600 feet if I remember right. All types of Rv's drive this stretch every day for much of year. It is a pretty good pull to the top of the mountain, but Torrey is around 7000 ft so not as long downhill. If you have time, drive your toad to the Burr Trail road all the way to the end. Spectacular. The drive over is the hillyist (not including the drive up the mountain which is just grade-8% with no tight turns) and curvyist part of 12 so it will give you an idea whether you want to drive the MH.
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Explorer II
Explorer II
It's an incredible drive. We did in in a 30 Class C with no problems. We went from Bryce to Capitol Reef. So can't comment on the part of Hwy 24 East of Capitol Reef.

Yes, you need to keep an eye on the weather. We had snow at the highest point, saw lightning coming down towards Torrey, and hail when we got into Torrey.

I tried to record some of the drive but ran out of memory in the dashcam. The views are that great.

If you, or your passengers are squeamish about drop-offs or driving next to cliffs, you need to balance that with the incredible scenery. Driving the Hogback, the passengers will get to enjoy the scenery, but whoever is driving will be watching the road.

But my answer is do it! It's worth every minute.

That definitely is one of the more scenic routes in the south-west. It may depend on your comfort level. There is a section called "The Hogback" where the road goes up and across a narrow ridge. For a short distant there are drop-offs on both sides of the 2 lane highway. We are fine driving it, but some people don't like it. Between the towns of Boulder and Torrey (36 miles) there is about a 3,000' climb to Boulder Mountain Pass and then a similar descent to Torrey. Know how to avoid riding your brakes on the downhills.

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Explorer III
Explorer III
Ha ha, LOL. Look up Hwy 12 on YouTube it is a famous extremely scenic drive, sometimes called "the most scenic srive in America", made by thousands of RV's every year. We've done it several times. We drove that route to Hanksville and beyond last year but turned south.

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