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Hospital RV park closing

The large Scott & White Hospital in Temple, Texas is closing their RV park of many decades according to the Temple Daily Telegram. I did not read the article due to subscription needed for the reading full article. I used to live in Temple and this w...

Flying J/Pilot oil

For the last twelve years going to Florida and back to Ontario {except for the last two winters, thank you covid/stupid Canadian goverment{ we have always fueled at Flying J/Pilot oil stations and stayed overnight however on the way down this fall we...

Deam Lake SP or Charlestown SP

Coming from the Indianapolis area heading to Chattanooga area and looking for a park around Louisville. Crossed between Deam Lake and Charleston SP. Reviews aren't that much different so it's sort of a toss up. Charleston has fewer open sites for the...

garmp by Explorer II
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Star Trek Themed Trip

Our next long trip theme will be Star Trek. The itinerary will be planned around First Contact Day on April 5, 2024 in Bozeman, MT.Of course, we will also be visiting: The future birthplaces of Captains Kirk (Riverside, IA) and Janeway (Bloomington, ...

Advance booking for Fishing Bridge & Coulter Bay RV parks

Hey All, It has been a long time since we camped at Coulter Bay in Teton NP and Fishing Bridge at Yellowstone. I'm getting mixed answers off a general internet search, and can't seem to find the answer on the NP website. How soon in advance can I ...

mleekamp by Explorer
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Wales West - An RV Park With A Miniature Train

I was searching for RV parks in southern Alabama. I was using Google's new artificial intelligence search engine/answer machine and one park it listed was Wales West in Silverhill, Alabama. It has a lot of attractions including 2 trains that circle...

Price of camping

What happen with the price of the campground? I see $80-100 per nite on River Road in TX.That insane they try to scare the people away?That the price of a nice hotel.

buc1980 by Explorer
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Campgrounds along US St 36 in Kansas

We are going to be running along RT 36 in Kansas enoute the Mesa Verde area. At some point we are going to turn south to visit Dodge City for a couple of days. I've been checking out campgrounds along the way ,both public and private, trying to stay ...

docsouce by Explorer II
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Shenandoah National Park

Hi All, Looking for a campground to stay at while visiting Shenandoah National Park. Preference was state & national park campgrounds but they are all fully booked. Any recomendations for a park in close proximity to the N.P. would be appreciated....

Breaks Interstate Park

We are planning a trip to Breaks this summer. We are having trouble finding pictures online of the actual campsites. The site we were in several years ago has already been booked. Our camper is a 30' bunkhouse with a driver's side slideout. We wi...

vakirks by Explorer
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