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Breakdown Information

Moderators Note: This thread is intending to report a problem and its resolution. If you are seeking help or information to help you resolve a problem you would best be served by initiating a thread on the class A forum proper

After some conversation with Diesel-Lover and others on this forum I thought I would try to start a thread concerning breakdowns on the road. We try to prevent this by good maintenance and driving reasonably but it can still happen. As I observed in a previous post, on a roughly 350 mile northbound drive on I-75 I saw 4 class A MH broken down. All were southbound.

If we should have a breakdown and would post the following information on this thread it could be a resource and reminder for others.

RV particulars:
Driveline (Engine, Transmission):
Break Down Description: (You can add any description of the problem here that you think would help others in understanding the situation and problem.)

This is the type of information that is recorded in the aircraft industry and other maintenance activities to track failure trends. It will take a while before we see a lot of value in this. If it continues for a time and sufficient data is available, I will analyze the data and put it into a form that I can send by email to any interested parties. I would suspect that an initial report could be done in about three months or when we have about 100 to 150 cases.

What do you think?
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Two Different Motorhomes:

First New Year's Day 1999 in the Lower Keys went to start and air had gotten into fuel delivery system when we tried to start in campground. Service done Jan 2 through RV Road Help Sign and Drive

Two Front tire catastrofic tire failures:
First North of Tampa 32000 miles on tire no spare and ruined Al Rim. Olsen Truck Tire whom we had purchased six tires from refused to do road service because we did not have corporate account. Olin Mott Tires brought tire and found rim and were very helpful. Tire maker was very generous in adjustment and damages caused to coach. Was (not a Michelin tire) and Olson Firestone are never getting any more of our business (think now Service Plus or something like that now) Olin Mott has and will continue to get our business.

Second Tire East of Jacksoville, wheel was usuable but scared again no new tire dealer was as nice as Olin Mott, Tampa and FHP called provider who required cash and sold us a used square tire for $100 plus service. After promising to refund tire cost if I left it at a new tire dealer and after writing the FHP (a month later) he sent me a money order and a thankyou note expressing thanks for me getting the FHP to remind him to send me a refund. Again the tire maker (who we cannot name because we agreed not to tell the name as part of settlement) stood up and took care of the damages.

Sorry not in specific order requested but I do not care what grade you give me.
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RV particulars: Safari
Driveline (Engine, Transmission): 8.2 Detroit
Miles: 80k
Year: 90
Break Down Description: Shut off for lunch & wouldn't start
Symptoms: Runs good but wouldn't start
Cause: Fuel solenoid contacts not making
Outcome: Replaced fuel solenoid, it turns out that the contacts in the solenoid can be cleaned and the solenoid re-used. it takes a 1/4" allen wrench to remove it, and it is found on the side of the governor.
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It happened to me only once. We had just bought our rig and was heading down to Tombstone for the weekend with a few friends. Just outside Casa Grande, AZ the engine burped and the yellow warning light came on. The engine kept running but was a little low on power. As we kept on driving I called Country Coach and they got the experts together and came to the conclusion the we experienced a sensor failure in the fuel management system. "Get to Cummins as soon as you can" they told me and they will install the update on the engine. Made it to the Cummins dealer in Tucson and they didn't have the parts so we turned around and nursed it back to Phoenix. Cummins in Phoenix fixed the problem, all under warranty and so far that is the only scare we have had. I try to do all my own maintenance and keep a close eye on potential problems, however with a complicated rig such as these motorhomes are it is a moumental task.

Note to Lil Trucker:
From the description of you post it sounds like a loose wire on the hot side to the ignition switch. The bump caused it to break connection and after some fiddeling with things contact was made again. Try checking all screws and especially the plugs that connect the harnesses together. Good luck.
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Unfortunately I have to be a contributor to this thread.

Last August when we were north bound on I-39 somewhere between Bloomington, Ill. and Rockford, Ill. I went over a bump in the road caused by road construction.

All of a sudden my coach had no power. No electrical, no transmission, no engine, no nothing. I managed to coast to the side of the road and their we sat. When I turned my ignitions switch, to attempt to start the coach, nothing happened. I waited a few minutes and tried again and it started only to stop running again. I then went and looked into the battery compartment to see if maybe a battery had came loose and was shorting out against something but they were okay.

I then went back and attempted to start the coach and it started right up. It kept running so we headed out and made it back to Stevens Point, Wisconsin without further incident.

I took the coach up to my dealer who looked the coach over from front to back but they couldn't find a thing wrong with it. So, somewhere in my coach I have a problem waiting to jump out and bite me and there's nothing I can do to prevent it. Scary ain't it.:(
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Explorer II
Badeye, I think this is an excellent idea... I just hope I am not a contributor...
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I have had one breakdown, and it was a converter that went out. I was fortunate enough to drift into a campground, but it was unsettling at the least.

I hope my luck continues, because we make two trips 'cross country per year.

RV particulars: Holiday Rambler Imperial 40 wds
Driveline (Engine, Transmission): 325 C8.3, Alison md3060
Miles: 58,000
Year: 1998
Break Down Description:
Symptoms: No air
Effect: can’t drive
Cause: Governor
Outcome: Replaced governor

I had the rig loaded up wife in her seat with the wiener dogs opened the gates started the motor up and the air pressure wouldn’t come up. Walked in circles for a minute and thought hey I’ll call my friend Louie; he’s a diesel mechanic and only works a block from my house. Called him up told him my problem and he says I’ll be there in 5 minutes. Well Louie showed up looked at the motor and diagnosed my problem to be the governor. He said here take off these three air lines and these two nuts and I’ll be back in 5 minutes. He came back in 5 minutes and handed me a part and said here put this where you took the other one off, wait for the air to come up to 120 p.s.i. and adjust the pressure with the screw in the back. I did and it worked fine.
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Most diesel engine breakdowns are probably fuel delivery problems or elictrical.

Most gas engine breaksowns are overheating including vporlock or electrical.

Biggest cause for breakdown is flat tires.
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