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full size corner bed vs queen corner bed

Explorer III
Explorer III
The one down side to a small C to me is the corner bed, and have been going back and forth over a slide with a full queen, or try to sleep in the overhead queen until I noticed the newer units have a 60x80 in queen vs the 54 in full. My question is with the larger corner queen does it make it easier to get up to go to the bathroom several times a night, compared to the full size corner bed. I would be sleeping on the left side.

We downsized to a queen corner bed, use a Travel Sac , just shake it out in the am. I sleep on the curb size and just slide out the end instead of crawling over husband.If you are buying new I would suggest going a little bigger and get a walk around if you plan to do a lot of traveling.
Bea PA
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Explorer II
Explorer II
My bride went out to the coach this afternoon and remade the bed on our new {full sized - 60 X 80"} queen mattress:

We are not big people, I'm 5'9"/185# and my bride is 5'1"/115#. We have always slept very comfortably in our coach over the last 7.5 years and will get the chance again in two weeks as we will be having house guests giving them our master bedroom and the back guest bedroom while Jeanne and I sleep in the coach out in the driveway. It's nice to be able to add another bedroom and bath to our smallish 3/2 house.

The bed pic shows the Amish made, solid Maple cabinets nicely as well. Before passing over the Rainbow Bridge our Greyhound rescue used to love to lay on the bed as we cruised enjoying the two large windows. Lots of folks passed and waved usually laughing their butts off.


Explorer III
Explorer III
Seems like opinions are mixed. If staying with a 24 ft non slide letting wife have the rear and the man sleeping in the overhead would be an option as Phil does. A rear slide with a queen or a full wall slide with a queen and dinette is another option. Has anyone tried these other two options in a 24 ft MH, if so how did the slide outs work out for you?

I guess I'm just weird,but I like my corner bed. I think it's the best floor plan for a small (26ft) class C. BTW my wife is 77 and I'm 79.

Bought a Travel-sac-cover (similar to a double aleeping bag with sheets inside, summer side up, flip for winter side up, works great for making-up a corner bed), now also works great for our walk around bed.
We went from a 27' 1 slide corner bed, to a 30' 2 slide almost walk-around bed. Amazing how much more comfort, space/room we gained in just 3'.
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I have used the Queen corner bed once. But now I am using ***Link Removed***. Thanks for sharing your words.

We've got a corner queen, full 60x80. My wife, who can and does if given the opportunity sleeps 12 hours straight, is on the outside wall. Me, who has to get up at least once a night, takes the bathroom side of the bed.

This is a Serta pillow top innerspring mattress that was an option for our year of Sunseeker, and while branded as an RV mattress is pretty much identical to an at-home bed. It's my job to put the mattress pad and fitted bottom sheet on, as that is a wrestling match done kneeling on the middle of the bed, and peeling up the RR corner to get those things started, same he-man action for the corner at the back of the bathroom and rear wall, then get off and do the other two corners at the toe-end of the mattress standing on the floor. For covers, everything is loose and thrown over. We each have different preferences for those when sleeping - she like her feet out and I don't for one, so we've taken to each having our our sheet and/or comforter. While that may be weird, it works for us and I sleep better.

Our floorplan does not have a short closet overhanging the end of the bed. We don't find the bed area at all claustrophobic, and it was the only way to get the needed minimum living area in a short, no-slide, 24' length.

To get out of bed, I just swing my legs up and down quickly, and that inertia scootches me down the bed so my legs can get down to the floor. It might take another move, but nothing hard for getting out the end.

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Explorer II
Explorer II
Gjac wrote:
Has anyone tried a 2 person sleeping bag that you roll up or just straiten out when you get up in the morning?

Yes. We actually have two sets
Heavy weight , 0 F rated for winter use
Lightweight, 40F rated for summer
Both are zip together systems.
We used a homemade , sewn together set of two top sheets as a bag liner that can easily be washed.

That double bag system was ok but sometimes felt a little bit restricted. We found using sheets and blankets allowed better temp control. We now use merino wool blankets over the top sheets and love them.

You have to unzip your side each time you get up , unless you leave it half zipped. That was how we used ours, then we decided to just go back to sheets and blankets. As i stated in my earlier post, just leave the bed made using the fitted bottom sheet.

The units we've had for the last 16 years have all had corner beds. I decided with my move to my new RV that I'd had enough of that - no more corner beds for me. IMO, the extra 6" that a queen would give over the full isn't going to make that much difference for getting out in the middle of the night. You'll still be wrestling with bedding, climbing over your SO, climbing over your SO again to get back in, then wrestling with bedding again to get back under the covers.

FWIW, I never had much trouble making the corner bed. Just started at the back and worked my way down so that I was never kneeling on the bedding that I was working with.
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Coach-man wrote:
Conner beds are not my cup of tea! They are really hard to make up, and if your on the inside, hope you can sleep the entire night without waking up!

We made that mistake ONCE, our first travel trailer we kept for exactly 2 outings, and put it up for sale. Never again own a corner bed RV.
Stacey Frank
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Explorer III
Explorer III
Has anyone tried a 2 person sleeping bag that you roll up or just straiten out when you get up in the morning?

Explorer II
Explorer II
We have a small slideless (24ft.) Class C - with a rear corner queen bed and an overhead cab queen bed. My wife has a bad back so she gets the entire rear corner bed for wiggle-room and I use the overhead cab bed. Being the only one in it, she has no problem getting out of the corner bed as needed using a small stool at the foot of it.

As regards "making up" the corner bed, we don't make up our whole corner bed - we just keep a white fitted sheet on a foam topper that lies on top of the corner bed mattress. The mattress is not covered at all, so sure ... you see the blue sides of the underlying corner bed mattress all the time, but we're camping ... not staging a house for potential buyer walks-throughs.

I see no other way - in a small Class C with no slide - to have a full time available almost-queen-size bed on the main floor other than via a corner bed configuration.
2005 E450 Itasca 24V Class C

Explorer II
Explorer II
Our Phoenix Cruiser 2350 rear corner bed measures 50x76 with limited access as shown, I feel this is a "Worst Case" rear corner bed scenario. The bed reminds me of a double bed in a captain quarters in a large trailered boat. Two things must exist for it to work well.

1) Both you are your spouse are nimble (we are)
2) Both you and your spouse are not overweight (we are not overweight)

We bought our PC when we were 49 years old. We are 63 this year and it still works but is naturally becoming more challenging as we continue to get older. I sleep on the isle side, my wife against the outside wall. We generally get up once during the night. When I get up, my wife gets up. It works but is obviously not ideal. More important than a bigger bed to me, is better access. We could remove the low-hanging cabinet at our feet but are nowhere ready for such a change. It would be a "last resort".

Here is the bedroom.

Here is the bed.

You might ask why we would buy a motorhome with such a confining bedroom. Keeping the story short, whatever motorhome we were to buy, it had to meet these requirements.

1) must fit inside our tiny motorhome garage
2) must have a main floor double bed
3) must have a comfortable dinette

It is ideal given our particular circumstances. It is shoehorned inside our garage and still comfortably meets our needs.
CLICK HERE to see many pictures, inside and outside.

Another consideration was what it replaced....something much smaller yet. CLICK HERE to see it. We slept on the dinette bed because the overhead bunk was just too confining. We bought it in 1983 when we became parents at age 25 and sold it at age 49 when our kids were done traveling with us. Our last trip as a family was in 2005, 5 people, my wife, me, college son #1, high school son #2, son #1 college girlfriend. Our sons slept together in a tent and the girl in her own tent. A number of our trips over the years included a 5th person. We traveled very tightly so our rig today for just the two of us is massive and luxurious by comparison.

Our Phoenix Cruiser 2350 is our last motorhome. When it no longer works for us, we are done RVing. We hope that is decades away.

Sometimes, it's where you come from.

We just did our first trip in the newer Rv that has a hybrid full bed wide as a full but long as a queen. So it requires queen sheets. That gives a bit more material when putting them on. The mattress is also thicker than the brochure states at about 4-5” and is quite comfortable but also not to difficult to lift the corners to apply bedding. We use down comforters with duvet covers over our sheets so tossing them straight is all we need to do to make the bed. Just like home! We also used a folding stool at the foot. I think I’m going to need a handhold too though.
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