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A change is coming...

Explorer II
Explorer II
After 15 years of riding motorcycles in conjunction with our RV adventures {towing my bikes on/in various trailers behind our 24' Class C} my bride and I decided it was time for a change. As we both began to navigate our early 70's the decision was made to part with my last bike. I sold the Can Am Spyder back to the dealer where I had purchased it 3 years ago {yep, they made money on me again... sigh}.

Happily these funds made it possible for me to realize a long held {since God's dog was a puppy, yep that long} dream of owning a nice classic Corvette. Stumbled on a Show quality C-4 {1987} Corvette through a local consignment shop and in a little over a week it was mine.

The 350 V-8 short block had been rebuilt 5,000 miles and ten years ago to include the addition of a nice Supercharger and new Corvette Hyper Yellow paint job. My mechanic checked it out and pronounced it a "Go" and the money changed hands.

Now, after 10+ years and 75,000 miles we are seriously considering parting with our 2012 Nexus Phantom 23P. Not sure what this transition will look like but probably a private party sale or Consignment. This would not however amount to abandonment of RVing. If we end up selling our coach we will be shopping for a small TT that I will pull with my Honda Ridgeline.

Keeping the GVWR in the sub 3,000# range should work nicely as I have been pulling our 6 X 10' {8' tall} cargo trailer for 5 years loaded to 2,600# with zero issues. Not looking for a tear drop as we want more amenities but there are a lot of nice sub 20' models out there that would meet our needs without stressing my Honda.

It should be interesting to explore the Class C - smallish TT markets simultaneously and it has been my experience that when one seriously looks... one finds.

Film at eleven... but for now here is a shot of the Vette:


Enjoy auto touring in your vette. My wife and I have been doing road trips for almost 20 years in a convertible. From a Cadillac Allante, Mercedes SL500 and currently driving a 2011 Camaro. Last June we drove Pikes Peak, Mesa Verde, North Rim GC, Zion NP, and St. George Utah. It was a great trip. We're planning the Great River Road for next year. Yes, I know it's not camping or RV'ing, but it is fun.

I would look at the feasibility of a car trailer and make it a Vette in conjunction with an RV adventure. We currently do that with a jeep and are at the beginning stages of planning to do it with some sort of sports car or muscle car.

Wonderful find on what looks to be a pristine C4. They are becoming hard to find and that looks like a good one.

Having sold a 59 vette , I know the longing for one . But those 59’s are a bit out of my price range now . 😞

I think you traded up!

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be

Douglas Adams

[purple]RV-less for now but our spirits are still on the open road. [/purple]

Takes me back Cap'n, thanks! Happy trails as you embrace what comes your way!
PartyOf5 appreciating our Creator thru the created. 5 yrsL 50k, 49 states & 9 provinces.

May you find Peace in all you endeavor.