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Took new camper out this weekend

The new passport elite was great! Except, our microwave doesn't work. The keypad doesn't respond, so we will be calling the dealer tomorrow. ugh. We went about an hour away, up north to Lake In Woods in Pa, it was beautiful, but, OMG, we had to c...

New to the Travel Trailer Forum

Hi everyone. I just sold my HTT last week and bought a brand new 2014 Trail-Lite Crossover 200S. I have bee on RV.Net for some time now but I am brand new to this forum.Since I just purchased the Crossover, and have yet to camp with it, I really hope...

Another beaten to death Solar question. Please help!!

I have read every post that I can find regarding solar charging for an RV. The amount of information out there is insane. Amp hours, PWN vs. MPPT, voltage loss, Amp storage etc…. I am overwhelmed at this point. I guess I’m just not very smart because...

Sgeorge by Explorer
  • 9 replies

Gone to diesel? Some questions for those that have.

Looking for those that made the switch from a gas TV to a diesel some questions.1. Happy with your choice?2. Are maintenance cost as high as you were lead to believe?3. What gas rig did you switch from, to which diesel?4. What are you pulling and wha...

rhagfo by Explorer
  • 103 replies

Using pickup for work

I'm contemplating selling my cube van and buying a fiberglass capsule for my 2009 2500HD CC SB. The capsule is removeable fully loaded with four HD camper jacks and basically treated just like a camper. normally...

Driving with the frige on?

Our new TT is our 3rd rv. Started with a pop up, then a motorhome. In both our old rigs we traveled with the refrigerator running. For some reason I have not in our new TT. We are planning a trip that will require 2 days to get there. It would be nic...

mikeflys by Explorer
  • 34 replies

Lighting our new TT

We just recently bought a TT and am looking forward to doing a lot of traveling. One thing that we noticed on our first trip out is that the inside lighting is, well, pretty horrible: the dome lights are bright, glaring, direct, and frankly extremely...

Anyone care to place their bet?

I would imagine once the new Ram hits the lot there will be two races going on. Who is going to be first to put the trucks head to head lugging a 20,000 lb RV up the mountain and secondly who's going to get to the top of the mountain first. I'll say ...

4x4ord by Explorer III
  • 31 replies

F150 rear axle gear change

I have a 1998 F150 4.6 V8 with 3.55 gears. Been doing some research trying to find out if I have 8.8 axles or 9.75. And also what parts do I need to complete the job? Thanks TecheMan

TecheMan by Explorer
  • 6 replies

I need help with cabinet hardware.

These cabinets open up and I need something to hold them up. We bought a couple of those shock type openers and that didn't work. Anyone know of anything easy to install that I can do to keep them open? I have four of them, these two and the two over...

HeyJude by Explorer
  • 7 replies