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2024 Northern California Truck Camper Rally

It's hard to believe but it is that time of year to start planning for our 2024 Northern California Truck Camper rally. We had a great time last year and hope to build on it this year. This year I am going to try to put a little more structure into t...

adamis by Nomad
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Truck Camper Trip Reports – V3.0

IntroductionThis sticky thread is designed to capture a selection of trip reports members have created over the years. There is a lot of great stuff out there and it would be a real pity for it to be lost because people could no longer find it.Big th...

kohldad by Explorer III
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Three Solar Eclipses 2017 2023 2024

VIDEO: Three Solar Eclipses 2017 2023 2024 201720232024  Three Solar Eclipses 2017 2023 2024. Once you've seen a solar eclipse, you feel the need to see another. This time is tough because the next solar eclipse in the US of A is in about 20 or 24 ye...

Solar Eclipse Thumb 2017.jpg Annular Eclipse Colorized 2023.jpg Untitled.jpg

Hotomobile is a new brand coming from Turkey. Right now, there is only one dealer in the country that will be importing them which is San Juan Vans in Colorado. https://www.sanjua...

Glen Canyon Colorado River Lees Ferry

Glen Canyon Colorado River Lees Ferry  A look in the Glen Canyon area on the Colorado River. A very nice campground and one of the only "drive to able" access points to the Colorado River from your vehicle. One of the oldest crossings of the river sa...

Glen Canyon Colorado River Lees Ferry.jpg

Looking for bnk parts

2006 OKanagan 117DBL and kids... The net in front of the top bunk has issues, and I'd like to replace.  I know Western Leisure is no more, and Adventurer is not making Eagle Cap any longer, but I'm wondering if anyone knows a source for this type of ...

brain by Explorer
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Wolf Creek 850 roll over story

Well, Since I opened this can of worms here is the entire story.First let me say I have been a long time truck camper owner and I am no rookie. I have gone trough several truck campers. I recently had an article published in

anutami by Explorer III
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Blanchard Springs Cavern Tour

Blanchard Springs Smaller Cavern Tour  Blanchard Springs Smaller Cavern TourThe large cavern tour begins later in May.We have now seen, Carlsbad Cavern, by far the largest, Karchner Caverns, and now this, Blanchard Springs Cavern. All of the Cavern T...


Wiring solar in a lance 1181

I was wanting to put solar panels on the roof.The camper is pre wired for solar.I can find two sets of white and blue wires behind the cabinet front above the sink,where the gen start and tank gages are.I can trace one set of the wires to the roof pl...

moss9994 by Explorer
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Resolved! Truck Camper Siding Wind Damage Repair

 VIDEO: Truck Camper Siding Wind Damage Repair  Travalong I-40 Westbound, all of a sudden the siding on the left front side of the cabover began pealing away. We were driving west about 60 to 65 mph into 40 mph headwinds. We had just a couple weeks a...


Anyone have a wiring diagram for a Northern Lite camper?

I am doing some upgrading to my 12 Volt electrical in my Northern Lite camper. Right now it is upgrading batteries, replacing existing charger with a smart charger, and adding a battery monitor. Does anyone have wiring diagram for a Northern Lite cam...

JW2 by Explorer
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