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Adding Grease Zerk

We have a 2016 Forest River branded double axle trailer.  The axles came non-grease Zerk with the simple cotter pin assembly that many trailer have.  Is it possible to install a grease Zerk after the fact.  Please note that bearing buddy is something...

nlequia by Explorer
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Filling and emptying water tanks at camp

Filling fresh water tankI have a 40 gallon fresh water tank in my RV.Assuming normal conditions, how long should it take to fill my fresh water tank?I tend to shut off the water source too quickly and not completely fill this tank.Emptying dirty wate...

Ljava by Explorer
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2007 Jayco Greyhawk 33DS Manual

I am looking to install an inverter on a 2007 Jayco Greyhawk 33DS. Looking for any wiring diagrams on this motorhome. It might be in the manual. It has a blank cover in breaker panel for inverter. Was wondering if wiring is already there.

97 Bounder battery draining

1997 Fleetwood bounder, just installed 2 new batteries, after only 1 day my dash indicator shows low battery again. I live in the RV full time. Prior to purchasing new batteries, intermittently when I would go to start the engine nothing would happen...

Bad Window Seal?

 I Believe I have a bad window Seal on this window. It's been raining all day and the rain is coming in through the top of the window. My question is what should I buy to fix the issue? I don't have any experience with this 


Getting off black streaks

Why do black streaks form so fast and are so hard to get 100% off? Got a 6 month old fiberglass TT and black steaks mostly wash off but you can still see a faint shadow. Even tried a magic eraser. They are on the plastic trim too. Want to keep it loo...

d1h by Nomad II
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Dead water pump

Well spent the long weekend camping in Jasper national park, and 2nd day in, the water pump decided to quite working.  it wasn't bad as we were 100 feet from the shower facility and it had a tap I could fill jugs up had a good life, it was the ...

Restoring 87’ Minnie Winnie

I’m looking for a replacement ceiling vent control panel for an ‘87 Coleman air conditioning unit. The one in our RV is in sad shape.  My wife and I are hoping to get on the road this spring.  We bought our Winnie in need of repairs for a good trade....

Onan access door

New to me Onan Microquiet 4000.   When I tried to remove the access cover, both of the handles that turn to release the latches broke off in my hands!   Looking for suggestions as to how to get the cover off so that I can replace the broken handles. ...

water pump runs but no water

2017 Shurflo 4008.This was all working fine about 2 weeks ago, though we don’t use it very often.Yesterday, the pump runs continually but no water pressure. I can see a little water gurgling at the T valve before the pump, and I confirmed that valve ...

Mattress Ventilation Underlay

Recently discovered an underlay to provide ventilation under my mattress might be necessary to prevent mold. I will be living in my camper full-time through the seasons. Curious on thoughts and if anyone has tips for a cheaper option or DIY other tha...

Chasis Battery 1998 FW Discovery

Hello I changed out the chasis batterie the other day. I get power to then RV but the RV will not turn over the windshield wipers come on that is all it does please help ! Greatly appreciated 

Mesanto by Explorer
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