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'95 E350 Class C: ABS module failed, not available

Shortly after I bought my '95 Fleetwood Tioga Montara on a E-350 chassis last year the ABS light came on and stayed on.

I took it to an independent and they spent a lot of time trying to find the OBD1.0 connector without success.

So I took it in to the Ford dealer: ABS computer module has failed.

P/N: F3UZ2C018B (corrected: Dual Rear Wheels)

Problem: This part is out of production / stock.

Concern of mechanic: Even if I can find one, he has seen a used one not synch up with rest of the brake system.

Anyone have any related experiences or suggestions? Many thanks.

Explorer II
Explorer II
This recent thread discusses that ABS Valve, even though the subject is Master Cylinder Diameter.

It also includes this link about testing one.

I didn't scour the thread for another link but I believe there was one more in there someplace. Subject RV was a 1993, and I don't know if the chassis was 1993, could have been earlier.

Always work from the CHASSIS year (dashboard VIN and Ford/Chevy door jamb label) and NOT the year Fleetwood or whomever called your RV.

ABS diagnostics, at least on these Fords was NOT part of the OBD-1 suite. Even finding the connector, which I believe is underhood near the brake booster, would not read out the ABS Codes. There was a gyration to get the ABS Light to blink them out. I think something in the above links steers you to that process.
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Thanks for your reply. I don't think I saw it back in the day. Last year in AZ I met a guy who had gotten a rebuilt assembly. My notes from 2015 are not clear, but this MIGHT be what I need:

Cardone ABS Hydraulic Assembly
Part # 12-2061$143.99 + $42.00 Refundable Core
Exact fit for your 1995 Ford E-350 Econoline
Reman ABS Hydraulic Assembly; 2-Wheel ABS

If my project list ever gets shorter, maybe I will revisit this.

Had same thing on my '94 E350. No part to be found. I took a black sharpie to the dash.

I also documented the whole thing including the written report that as it was, there was indication of ABS failure. I included that when I sold it.

Gary Haupt
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Here's some information on what could be causing the problem.
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Had a similar problem with my 2005 Jeep. They found a used unit, fortunately. but what a drag.

Good point. I did find a new unit for $50, so I'm going to gamble on the safe side and get the ABS fixed.

Same thing happened to my '94. I just elected to drive it as-is. People got by without ABS for decades. The brakes function just fine, other than the lack of ABS.
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