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UPDATE - it started working on the 3rd try and all tries since. May have just been sitting too long. Thanks for the input!

I was getting everything ready for a trip in a couple days and there is no power when on generator. It runs fine. I checked breakers, and also flipped the breaker ON the generator itself. What could suddenly be causing this issue? Not even sure where the automatic switch is located. Help?!?

2006 HR Scepter - 8kw Onan Genset

Thanks for any suggestions on how to track down the issue!
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Explorer III
Explorer III
Sitting too long is a posibility.

Years ago (2003) I purchased a small portable (Generac 1000) A really nice little traditional enclosed genny.

Out of the box the waveform was rather nasty. in fact an APC UPS objected to it.

After a tank of gas (Powering nothing more than a light) the APC was happy and a scope showed a nice clean waveform (Many portables are very nasty on the scope). sadly the genny grew a pair of legs and walked off.
Home was where I park it. but alas the.
2005 Damon Intruder 377 Alas declared a total loss
after a semi "nicked" it. Still have the radios
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Explorer II
Explorer II
For the switch look in the compartment where the power cord is. The couch end power wire is wired into it.

Explorer III
Explorer III
The transfer switch in your basement might not be switching from shore power to generator. Shore power takes preference so if you are plugged in it will not switch.