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Good RV GPS App

Nomad II
Nomad II

I've been wondering if there is a good RV specific  GPS app for iPhone that will work with CarPlay. Regular Apple Maps or Google maps sometimes are not all that great when you are towing a 30ft travel trailer. Have been taken on some roads you should not be on when towing. I've seen an app from RV Life but wasn't sure how good it was. Any suggestions?



I use RvLife Trip Planner to map out routes on my MacBook. I tow a 34’ 5th wheel with a gas pickup, so I plan out gas-friendly stops along the route (pumps that run parallel to convenience stores, easy drive thru, etc.). The trip planner allows you to zoom in (google maps interface) and look at the street view of the stations or any other point along the way. It flags low bridge and weight restrictions. Once you save a route, it will transfer seamlessly to an iPhone and plays on the rvlife app in CarPlay.   The app allows you to specify height, weight of your rig and tow vehicles, as well as preferences for unfinished roads, etc.  Haven’t had any problems using it.  

Well I downloaded the RV Life app to check it out. Seems they want you to pay $65 a year in order to use the GPS feature. Of course they don't tell you that ahead of time

Sad that they are not transparent about pricing.  Others may know of a free app, but I never found one.  Garmin makes a great unit for RV travel (marks bridges, etc.), but costs around $400 and uses a separate screen (not CarPlay as far as I know)

Nomad II
Nomad II

I use Waze, never had any problems with it. Integrates seamlessly with CarPlay.