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running refer on inverter full time

Okay so now I was curious is there any harm running my refer on my prowatt sw2000 full time when camping or traveling. I have a automatic switch but I notice if the compressor is running it still flinches when the switch over takes place. So what I ...

solar budget of 2700.00 Canadian

Hi all,I'm going to beef up my solar system. The budget is $2700.00 including installation costs.I'm considering these because I will be able to pick them up from Calgary and save the (considerable) shipping costs:poly 245 wattormono 240 wattWhich wo...

Furnace only works when resetting fuse

Good evening....On our family camping trip this past weekend, it was cool enough to use the heat. I could turn the heat on, set the thermostat, and the blower would spin up followed by nice toasty warm air. However, when the proper temperature was r...

Battery solenoid isolator

I have a 1979 Monaco with the Ford E-350 chassis. The secondary battery for the coach doesn’t get charged while the engine is running. Does anyone know where the power comes from to energize the solenoid that allows the alternator current to the batt...

water on carpet after opening slide

Been getting quite a bit of rain and wind while camping and noticed some water on the carpet on the back side of the slide (near our rear bathroom). I first shrugged it off to my lack of whipping the side of the slide before bringing it in but then, ...

Propane pressure at tank.

I know the propane system runs at 11" ( about 1/2#) but does anyone know the pressure at the tank. Some dirty little mice took a liking to my hose from the tank to the regulator and chewed the outer rubber off. I need to replace it and have some hose...

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Dometic Refer Recall - Possible Fire Hazard -Update 2/13/07

Click here to go directly to Updates.Update Number 1 Nov 23, 2006Update Number 2 Dec 5, 2006Update Number 3 Jan 10, 2007Update Number 4 Jan 19, 2007 - Recall Instructions - click here: Dometic Recall You need your model and serial numbers.Update Numb...

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Norcold 1200 is being extended

On another forum an extended Norcold recall cited including serials to 1273700,Thetford site does not say that. Any info?Thanks....BillEdited to change the title - the extension process has just begun. See my posts below. Mel

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Suburban Furnace Recall

I received an email today from ThorCa, telling me there is a recall notice about my Suburban Furnace (not water heater). They are asking me to verify that there is an exterior furnace vent installed.I'm looking for help on what to look for, to find ...

New Dometic Recall Initiated March 11, 2008

Thanks to the members who have provided info on this new one.Dometic has a new recall for refrigerators made between June 1, 2003 through September 30, 2006. Many of these are the same models as were in the older recall (Recall number 06E076000). (Te...

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Fire Hazard - Appliance Recalls - Norcold, Samsung and more

There are five recalls that are still active for appliances that were installed in or may be used in RV's that are potential fire hazards.I've assembled the basic information in this thread, with links to previous threads. Click on the title below to...

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