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Which battery isolator relay

Hi all,I just bought a 1992 Jamboree on a Ford E350 chassis. I noticed that the chassis alternator will not charge the aux battery. my understanding is that the left switch in the picture is:down - aux is disconnected from chassismiddle - aux connect...

grodnay by Explorer
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Batteries ruptured, now what?

I loaded the camper on the truck today and while attaching my tie downs, I noticed a white film on the underside of the wings. A chill came over me as I recalled a post I read on the forums last week about dead batteries rupturing, while the image of...


OK OK, This ad hooked me. Either it's one of those GINSU knife ads and I'm a sucker or maybe just maybe, this concoction will remove scale from a cooling system and engine. But it's from Australia. Anyone ever heard of this stuff or anything related?...

Harbor Freight Predator Gen set, any one have one

So I was at Harbor Freight yesterday looking at what the sales guy claimed is their new line of "Predator" generators. He was selling them up telling me how quit they are compared to the ones they used to sell. Of course I was not able to hear on e r...

CaptRick by Explorer
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Converter and Battery Isolation Switch

All . . . . .I have a 2011 Cedar Creek 34SB. I am still checking out my converter. (lights are flickering)During normal operation, I leave the Battery Disconnect Switch in the "ON" position (keeping the batteries in the charging system). The quest...

got voltage but no brakes

I posted this earlier and did not get any response, I have one tire on my camper that the brakes are not working when i take voltage at the splice behind the backing plate i get 8.6 volts when brake controller is fully engaged but no buzzing noise. I...

fresh water back flow

My fresh water tank is constantly filling. I think it is a problem with the back flow valve probably due to an accidental switching on of the pump. I have shut off shore water and tried to cycle pump as this worked before. The pump seems to be not wo...

Converter question. PD 4655 Vs. Powermax boondocker

My PD4655 went out last night and it is still under warranty. I called Bestconverter to get it replaced, and the tech Randy is suggesting the Powermax boondocker as a replacement. I notice the PD4655 retails at 205$ and the Powermax Boondocker at abo...

KcBorne by Explorer
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Dometic A/C reversing valve/ relay board issue

I have a Dometic A/C with heat pump that blows hot air in the cool mode. I checked the wire at the reversing valve with a (tic tracer inductive type) voltage tester. There was no power in either heat or cool mode. I am assuming that the valve def...

running refer on inverter full time

Okay so now I was curious is there any harm running my refer on my prowatt sw2000 full time when camping or traveling. I have a automatic switch but I notice if the compressor is running it still flinches when the switch over takes place. So what I ...

solar budget of 2700.00 Canadian

Hi all,I'm going to beef up my solar system. The budget is $2700.00 including installation costs.I'm considering these because I will be able to pick them up from Calgary and save the (considerable) shipping costs:poly 245 wattormono 240 wattWhich wo...

Furnace only works when resetting fuse

Good evening....On our family camping trip this past weekend, it was cool enough to use the heat. I could turn the heat on, set the thermostat, and the blower would spin up followed by nice toasty warm air. However, when the proper temperature was r...

Battery solenoid isolator

I have a 1979 Monaco with the Ford E-350 chassis. The secondary battery for the coach doesn’t get charged while the engine is running. Does anyone know where the power comes from to energize the solenoid that allows the alternator current to the batt...

water on carpet after opening slide

Been getting quite a bit of rain and wind while camping and noticed some water on the carpet on the back side of the slide (near our rear bathroom). I first shrugged it off to my lack of whipping the side of the slide before bringing it in but then, ...