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DC power vs shore power

I have a magnetek 6300 series model 6332 power supply. This is a 90’s model. I installed new LED lights and they work great on DC power. When I hook to shore power, the LED lights stop working. Can anyone help me trouble shoot? 

A/C amperage draw?

How many amps should a 15K a/c pull at startup? I have a new Cougar 5er and am going nuts getting a generator that will run my a/c on boondock trips. I had soft start installed when I bought it. So far I've tried a Generac 3300, a Champion 4650, now ...

Air hose quick connect for gas?

I put in a Camco propane quick connect kit for my BBQ on the exterior of my trailer. On the BBQ side of the hose is there a problem with using air hose quick connect fittings?

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Atwood 85-11 rv furnace issue

Hello, new to the rv world and furnaces as well. I have a 1990-91 33ft silver eagle class a. Furnace has worked well overall until the last week. If I turn the unit on, it fires up and puts out good heat for maybe 20 to 30 minutes tops and then the h...

Winnebago Inverter NLA

I need to replace the inverter in my 99 Winnebago Chieftain. Winn says it and the part that replaced it are NLA. The Winn part # is 099048-03-000The original was made by Dimensions. I have a 30 amp system.Has anybody found a suitable replacement?T...

Atwood oven door won’t stay closed

Any ideas how to fix or adjust Atwood oven door that stays ajar about 3/4”?I think I read somewhere that it may have been caused by leaning on the door while attempting to light the pilot light. Can’t find any help on Atwood’s site or in the owners m...

Heating My Camper

I have a ‘23 Jayco whitehawk 29RL. The panel shows options for electric and gas heat. How the heck to I get it to turn on? In either case nothing happens.  All the fuses and breakers are good.

1157 LED Bulb question

Hello,We have a 2016 Grand Design 5th wheel and there is 2 LED Lights that hang down in from the ceiling in the kitchen. Problem is the little woman says there not bright enough. Has anyone replaced there LED bulbs for more light? If so how do you te...

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replacing 6V deep cycle marine trailer batteries

Hello, my trailer purchased oct 2017 has its original two “GC2 Deep Cycle Extreme” Interstate batteries “115 mins @ 75 amps 225 Ah @ 20 Hr” wired in series and even though we haven’t had any performance problems I figure it’s time to replace them. Co...

Front A/C not working

Have a Dometic Penguin front A/C, was add on unit, about 12 years old, seldom used. Fan will not come on nor the compressor, took the cover off the top the fan turns freely. Tried to get the plastic cover off the bottom, got 4 screws out and 2 plasti...

help hooking up my batteries

Hello, well six months later I fixed my battery wires/connectors and am ready to hook them up. These corroded through so I don’t have a before picture.There are 2 batteries. I’m not very familiar with how all this works. The 2 red wires come from the...


belt chirp/squeak

2018 GMC 2500 hd 6.0 60K milesCouple months ago, started getting intermittent chirp from belt/pulleys.  Seemed worse in wet weather. Tried trouble shooting. Sprayed water on the serpentine belt and it would stop the chirp temporarily. Figured a new b...