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Resolved! Lights in camper are dimming randomly

The rv is a 2016 so not new but new to me.The converter is giving the proper voltages, the battery terminals are clean, the batteries are giving the proper voltages, the 30amp socket is giving proper voltages, the batteries are holding a full charge,...

Propane Pigtails

Good evening,I have a 2015 Jayco 26BHS. A smell and soap test reveals leaking propane at each pigtail connection to the dual propane cylinders. The regulator is a Cavonga Group Double Stage Low Pressure Automatic Changeover Regulator. The factory l...

Ideas for Keystone water connection upgrade?

Hello all. We have a 2018 Keystone Outback. On the side we have a docking station of sorts which has the fresh hookup / fresh tank fill, black tank flush connection, and cable tv hookup. It is recessed into the wall of the camper with a lockable p...

kfp673 by Explorer II
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Fridge not working/freezer kind of working

2006 Norcold model 611;On LP gas Freezer kind of works doesn’t really freeze stuff and the refrigerator does not work; although When it is plugged into shore power; The freezer works a little better and the fridge barely works. Is it time for me to g...

Fridge not cooling

2006 Norcold model 611 isn’t cooling as it should!!!Freezer is cooling at refrigerator temperatures and fridge gets barely cool ; almost non existent.  I’m cleaned the burner and tested the thermistor. Any help/suggestions on troubleshooting would be...

automatic leveling on a 2021 Artic Fox Grande Ronde

The automatic leveling warning on the display on the above mentioned 5th Wheel won't quit beeping.  It keeps telling me "Error - LF Jack"  We don't see anything wrong with the left jack!  The system tells us to "manually retract all jacks or hold ret...

Understanding 50A in my RV

I understand there are two legs, each carrying 50 Amps to the RV but I'm having trouble understanding what gets serviced by L1 and what gets serviced by L2 of the 50A service and why are there two legs on a 50A service? I can just turn off one of the...

RobWNY by Explorer
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Another Kudos to Lippert Tech Support!

Hello All!   We have an 04 Citation Supreme on an 01 F350 7.3 4x4 that we purchased in 15.  Love everything about it.  Last year our original Happijac wired controller for our jacks stopped working.  Just short of 20 years!   I ordered a replacement ...

Low point drain trouble

I have a 1997 Fleetwood wilderness travel trailer and my low point drain in the back has obviously been redone by the prior owner. Recently, one of the tubes started pouring water out of it. It's been dripping for a while now but just started pouring...

Transfer switch location

Hello everybody. First time poster looking for a little advice. I'm borrowing a camper(2012 42' toy hauler) for a week. 2 days of hook ups and 5 days using the generator. While plugged into shore power I hear a buzzing noise under the stairs. Everyth...

1 of the 2 AC is not working.

I have a 2014 Bay Hill fifth wheel made by evergreen.I have two a c units. The living room a c unit Works just fine. The bedroom AC unit does not turn on whatsoever. No fan. No compressor I checked the breakers already. They are fine and fuses. I am ...

LED light strip problem

I purchased  EXCELFU LED light kit from Amazon. I already had a light strip that was connected to the exterior porch light that had failed. After installing the lights to the porch light  they didnt come on. I installed the cigarette lighter portion ...


Hey Mex are you still refurbing converters for your friends south of the border?  I just replaced my PD9260C, output voltage measured at 0.5dc with no load.  LMK if you can use it.

Resolved! Another solar question.

MPPT Solar Mate Charge controller 100V - 40A I noted on the front of the controller that there was a Bluetooth symbol. Hmmm, must be an app for this thing. Of course, the user manual shows it in a photo of the controller face cover, but no mention of...

JDsdogs by Nomad II
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