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Norcold 10DC door tabs breaking off

Has anyone else had the little tabs break off on the doors that hold the trays onto the door?The previous owner put this fridge in, I don't think he took the trailer into places like we do. On our second trip with it we had the tray on the 2nd positi...

fridge 1.jpg fridge 2.jpg

Lippert TT Leveling System issues

We recently purchased a trailer with a Lippert TT Leveling system.We have been running RV’s in one form or another for over 4 decades, all have had manual leveling systems. This is our first with an “automatic Leveling system”. Not something I would ...

JDsdogs by Nomad II
  • 17 replies

Coleman Mach HP going to Gas Override

I have a 2022 Grand Design 376ths with 3 a/c units, one of which is a Coleman Mach heat pump.  I know that the are designed to swith to gas heating wen the outside temperature falls below 40 or 35 degrees, but mine is going into gas override and it's...

Omarrh by Explorer
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Travel trailer front lights stay on

My Coachmen Freedom Express 22’ Travel Trailer. After dewinterizing, I needed a replacement battery disconnect key but before I could get one I ran power from my truck generator. I discovered the lights on the front of the trailer do not turn off unl...

How to disable Magic Start Alarm

My Ford E350 was equipped with after Magic Start alarm system. The main battery recently was drained for a few weeks. The battery has been fully charged but I am not able to start the car. I think it maybe that the "Magic Start" alarm was reset. How ...


Is this worth its extremely high price? Is there anything cheaper that is just as good?

d1h by Nomad II
  • 2 replies

Toy Hauler needs new roof - what to do

Our 2008 FunFinder Xtra 190 is in excellent condition, except for the roof membrane.  It needs replacing and we don't know the roof's condition underneath.  The interior and all appliances are in excellent condition and working well.  We are older ca...

Commode issues

Does anyone have issues with draining commode and then after emptying tank and commode then get home and have water in floor and in commode 

Can the padded header over interior door be removed?

I have a Jayco Jayfeather and I need to remove the padded header above the door in the interior (so I can put a bracket to reinforcemy door opener). I removed the three screws that I thought were holding it on, but I've been pulling and pushing, but ...


Co2 sensor needed?

We have a 94 Fleetwood 16 ft rv. Just bought it! The co2 sensor is out and it has been on back order for months I am told. Was told the on board propane tank wont work without it. My question is will it run without it? If so how do I by pass it. Can'...