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slide doesnt move thor ace 30.2

 pictures are below 85 = white grd / i do not know where is goes (relay)86 = yellow when engine on = 12vdc i do not know where it goes (relay)86= yellow when engine is off = 0vdc i do not know where it goes (relay)87a = orange black goes to center of...

relay.jpg terminal on relay.jpg toggle switch inside control panel.jpg wiring of relay.jpg
timaff by Explorer
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Resolved! Dometic RM3604 LP not re-igniting

Hello,I have an old Lance camper with a Dometic RM3604 refrigerator. I’ve sort of refurbished the refrigerator and got it back up and running on AC and LP, but recently it’s started having an issue where it will not cycle on and off on Gas. It always...

Jvand by Explorer II
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2006 Norcold fridge

My freezer works great and everything stays frozen but my fridge barely has any “cold” output and it’s not keeping things cold; anybody have any troubleshooting ideas so I don’t have to pay 200 bucks an hour to have someone look at it???Thank you


Complete newbie. How do you turn tv on to see a channel?  We have an antenna but know nothing about either. 

Nanato8 by Explorer
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belt chirp/squeak

2018 GMC 2500 hd 6.0 60K milesCouple months ago, started getting intermittent chirp from belt/pulleys.  Seemed worse in wet weather. Tried trouble shooting. Sprayed water on the serpentine belt and it would stop the chirp temporarily. Figured a new b...

Jensen AMW 970

I think my entertainment center died.....the on an off switch will not turn it on but the remote will power it on but non of the functions will work....the tuner knob does nothing. The speaker buttons will not turn off the speakers, The clock can n...

50amp wiring question

Hello! Thank you in advance for any of your help (:I just bought a 2021 36ft travel trailer. It is wired as a 50amp with a 50amp plug BUT it only has one air conditioner and no washer and dryer. That being said, the trailer is prepped with connection...

Onan 4000 Intake Manifold replacement

Hello all, I am the second owner of a 2010 Forest River SandStorm 210SLC with a Onan RV QG 4000 EVAP Spec: K. The previous owner had a lot of carb issues and would replace the carb every year or so. During one of his routine carb changes, it looks li...

BeeeGeee by Explorer
  • 12 replies

replacing 6V deep cycle marine trailer batteries

Hello, my trailer purchased oct 2017 has its original two “GC2 Deep Cycle Extreme” Interstate batteries “115 mins @ 75 amps 225 Ah @ 20 Hr” wired in series and even though we haven’t had any performance problems I figure it’s time to replace them. Co...

HF Predator 3500 Generator - New Manual / Oil Intervals

First off... if you haven't "heard," this is an incredibly quiet machine. It's quite a bit quieter than the Honda EU 2000... and much quieter at load. Here's a good youtube comparison with what looks to be a pretty decent decibel meter on a tripod....

KendallP by Explorer
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