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2024 Northern California Truck Camper Rally

It's hard to believe but it is that time of year to start planning for our 2024 Northern California Truck Camper rally. We had a great time last year and hope to build on it this year. This year I am going to try to put a little more structure into t...

adamis by Nomad
  • 13 replies

Truck Camper Trip Reports – V3.0

IntroductionThis sticky thread is designed to capture a selection of trip reports members have created over the years. There is a lot of great stuff out there and it would be a real pity for it to be lost because people could no longer find it.Big th...

kohldad by Explorer III
  • 25 replies

Okanagan 117 DBL

Good Day to all, I just bought a Okanagan 117 DBL ultimate suite truck camper from Oregon, had it delivered to cape cod, I did not get a owners manual, with it, I was wondering if anyone has the above unit, and would copy their manual for a reasonabl...

mbba201 by Explorer
  • 33 replies

Castle Rock Formations UTAH Water Erosion.

VIDEO:   Fabulous Castle Rock Formations UTAH Castle Rock Formations UTAH. A fabulous place with very interesting erosion happening to the cliffs around the campground. The erosion reveals clearly how erosion is occurring and revealing many different...

New camper hunt

so we went looking at a bunch of campers on the weekend, and I ruled a bunch out for various reasons like, to expensive, bad floor plan, bathroon in the back making the main area feel closed in and so on.  one of the toughest ones I had to eliminate ...

3D Printing Success Story

The jack covers on our 2014 Lance 865 had gotten very brittle and I broke one of them when I was washing the camper. After an exhaustive search, I was not able to find any OEM replacement covers for the Atwood jacks. I found someone on Etsy that offe...

NCMike by Explorer
  • 8 replies

Hauling my camper

Hello everyone,Looks like the forums had an update since I last posted...Last time I was here I was updating about how I was restoring a new to me 1996 Lance Legend 945. Its since been finished, its progress you can see herehttps://community.goodsam....

2018 Wolf Creek 850 wiring diagram

Hello All,I'm wiring up an inverter and there are 4 different wires that are terminated directly on the positive terminal of the battery and some do not go through the kill switch under the sink. One is blue, the others are red. Some I've been able...

Davem_ by Explorer
  • 16 replies

Charging House Batteries

Hello All, I apologize for my absence. In 2022 I had two strokes, so my quest for a T/C got sidetracked. Lots of rehab, lots of prayer, learned to rewalk, lots more of rehab. Now I’m back to work and taking my life back.I picked up a real nice Leer ...

GAR2 by Explorer
  • 26 replies

Would love your help - ISO Fleetwood Angler manual

Hello, all - I'm fresh out of graduate school and brand new to camper ownership, setting up a 2000 Fleetwood Angler as my mobile mini-home. It came without any kind of owner manuals or guides and I am figuring out all the systems and specs on my own....

LeannL by Explorer
  • 9 replies

Truck Camper Trip Reports Camper Trip Report, I see that Good Sam still haven't pin this link to front of the line. There are many wonderful stories of TC adventures that shoul...

Where are the camper salvage yards?

I am in need of a compartment door. I contacted Lance but they are currently only servicing campers 2010 and newer.I am also in need of a ladder. Particularly the lower part of a foldable one. I contacted TopLine Mfg but they never got back to me.I a...

MN_Ben by Explorer
  • 11 replies

Lonely Dell Ranch Glen Canyon Arizona

Lonely Dell Ranch Glen Canyon Arizona This is a very interesting historic site. Established about 1872, the farm produced food for the operators of the Lee's Ferry Crossing. One of the only ways to cross the Colorado River, saving settlers heading we...

Lonely Dell Ranch Glen Canyon Splash.jpg

Host Rainier

Hi all, we're currantly looking at an '06 with 2 slides and I like the added room. Allthough our 2001 Lance 1010 is serving us well it can get cramped at times. Just wanting to know opinions of the Host camper in question.. Thanks all

F350mule by Explorer
  • 9 replies