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Solar advice requested.

I am pretty good with electrical issues, but this solar stuff is new to me.New travel trailer     Solex4 - 400 watt panel system    TBB power - Mppt solar mate charge controller 100V-40AInside the compartment where the controller and breakers are mou...

Potential engine overheating

I have a 2007 Winnebago view 23 and the temperature gauge gets pretty close to the red when going up hills.   I just bought this and it’s not even the middle of the summer yet, any recommendations to fix this problem; To need a new radiator, flush, o...

Wolf Creek 850 roll over story

Well, Since I opened this can of worms here is the entire story.First let me say I have been a long time truck camper owner and I am no rookie. I have gone trough several truck campers. I recently had an article published in truckcampermagazine.com...

anutami by Explorer II
  • 129 replies

TT layout for young children

We purchased our first TT last year, a used Keystone 176BH. Our son was a few months old and slept in a pack n play in the dinette but we felt we were always tip toeing around in the dark after he went to sleep. Now that he is almost 1, he sleeps in ...

Anyone have experience with Dynamax Super Cs?

Looking to soon go on the road part time and eventually full time. While we love our current rig thinking we may need something a bit larger and at a minimum a washer and dryer. But we don't want to go too large.  Having had Class As before, as well ...

Early 90's Class A --which brand best to buy?

We are looking for a decent motorhome to take a few 3-4 hour (one way) trips a few times a year in. We have been looking at early 90's class A which is about in our price range (under $9,000). We have seen advertised a lot of brands--Winnebago, South...

Mrsmoos by Explorer
  • 23 replies

2006 Norcold fridge

My freezer works great and everything stays frozen but my fridge barely has any “cold” output and it’s not keeping things cold; anybody have any troubleshooting ideas so I don’t have to pay 200 bucks an hour to have someone look at it???Thank you

slide problems

the slide would not extract or extend today.  fuse good. controller didn't have any codes. i removed the ext. and ret. wires from the controller and jump the pins with 12vdc. one motor went to extract the slide while the other motor tried to retract ...

Getting a car from Mi. to Fl.

We are pulling our 5th wheel to Florida from West Michigan. We're not going to have one or the other of us follow in the car. Any ideas on a way to get the car delivered that will not cost a fortune?

What do you look for in a campground?

Hi All, I'm planning a trip from the LA area to Salt Lake City. It's been ages since I've done ANYTHING resembling camping and I don't want to screw up too badly. So I wanted to ask: Wha do you look for in a campground/RV park? What are the key ingre...