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Salt lake,UT to Jackson Hole,WY

Thinking of going to Jackson by way of Big Piney on route 189 from Salt Lake. City  I can't drive anymore and wife would prefer flattest route.  Any suggestions?  I know we can't avoid elevation, just looking for the least stressful route for her. Th...

bob213 by Explorer
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Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

On 18 Dec, a very large cat showed up at our house. It was late and cold, and he looked in the door and made it clear he wanted inside. Well, since we have two cats already and he was a stranger, we could not let him in the house. WLToo walked out...

A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Went camping this weekend at a campground on the lake, had not been there for a few years. Once there I began to walk around looking at the different sites when I noticed a very old dog. He just lay there until I got too close then he got up on three...

Okanagan 117 DBL

Good Day to all, I just bought a Okanagan 117 DBL ultimate suite truck camper from Oregon, had it delivered to cape cod, I did not get a owners manual, with it, I was wondering if anyone has the above unit, and would copy their manual for a reasonabl...

mbba201 by Explorer
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Air in line 2024 Jayco Jayflight

When I fill my water tank all my faucets sputter and the toilet shoots water out with a sputter.  If I use dude t water hook up I am fine. Where could the air be coming from? I have used the camper at four different locations. Two with dude t water a...

A/C turns on when heater activates

I have a Coleman Lantern 300 TQ. When I turn on the propane heater, the rooftop A/C unit turns on.Why???? Doesn't seem to blow hot air.I can trip the A/C circuit breaker to turn it off, and the heater then runs just fine.I'm baffled, anyone have any ...


Traveling through Yellowstone did not down shift around inclined area. Air brake alarm went off. Will the system start again. Ty. Stranded

Campground = low income housing???

I wasn't sure where to post this question so I figured I would try here. It's as much of a rant as it is a question, but it is a legitimate question.I've been tent camping my whole life but am new to RV camping and was completely unaware of all the ...


What is a good ladder to get on top of the rv. I have a heartland mallard 

Oil recommendation for 2022 6.6 Duramax

I ran Chevron oil for many years. Rethinking that, not as a result of it being an inferior oil, just that availability can be an issue. I live on the west coast where Chevron products are readily available.  A number of years ago, we were following c...

JDsdogs by Nomad II
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The NEW Diamond Shield: HELP!!!!!!

Folks, I'm in a time pinch to make the decision on whether or not to have this product added to my newly repainted coach.If ANYONE has had this product applied in the last 5 years or so (when the new stuff came out) would you PLEASE chime in with you...

bmwbob by Explorer
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1998 mallard hydralic pump location

I have taken all the outer panels off but still cannot find the pump. Owner manual dose not help. Please someone assist me as the pump acts like it is low on fluid.

lojeke by Explorer
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