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Flat Towing Ford Fiesta

Looking to tow a ford fiesta with auto transmission. Looks like this is doable but the battery has to be disconnected. Can you have a disconnect switch installed in the Fiesta instead of having to physically disconnect the negative cable?Also I would...

svjim by Explorer
  • 1 replies

any good truck camper forums out there?

so I have tried with this forum and it is just messed up beyond all beliefe, new posts are horabaly highlighted at best, if some one replys to anything but the main topic then it isn't highlighted but moved up, the format for browsing is horrible.  a...

Roadtrek Tail light doesn't work

Aloha all:So our 2007 Roadtrek 170 (MJ ) has a taillight (passenger side) that is out. Immediately thought bulb, so I changed that...still didn't work (later confirmed the original bulb and replacement are good), so I went to the fuse box...fuses are...

Flipping 30A breaker

Interested to know how often, or if ever, people are tripping their 30A breaker with the A/C running alone. (Thinking when it is really hot and the A/C is running hard)Thanks!

Is one of your tie down tabs grounded?

Or is this a Bigfoot thing?In my attempts to stop rust progression, I've landed here. New marine style properly sized terminals with stainless screws should help, but I'm not sure I see the purpose. Since the ground wires only connect to the left fro...

grounded tie down tab.jpg

Water Pump Failure Traveling To The Eclipse

https://youtu.be/8FPLb5w8PRM  Water Pump Failure OR A Not So Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The April 8th Solar EclipseWe were a couple hundred miles into our trip to see the solar eclipse. we were just passing Grandview and approaching Prosser, ...

Hitch ball height with Reese Weight Distribution System

Hello. I have a Ford F150 and a Reese WDS with dual cams. According to the installation instructions the hitch ball should be 3/4" - 1" above the coupler when trailer is level. I can't get the number of links to 5 with my ball set at that hitch ball ...

JDmouse by Explorer
  • 5 replies

Resolved! Towing a Micro lite 21 FBRS with a Ford Ranger

I have a Ford Ranger with a 7,500 pound towing capacity and provides a maximum best-in-class payload capacity of 1,860 pounds. Its now called a mid size truck.  It has the towing package as well. With that being said Im still not convinced that it ca...

Introduce Yourself!

Hi all, and welcome to the Good Sam Community — we’re excited you’re here! Take this chance to say hello and tell us a bit about yourself. Whether this is your first time here or if you’ve already jumped into the conversations, kick today off with a ...

TeamGoodSam by Community Manager
  • 247 replies

1976 Dodge Sportsman Help

Hello All, I came across an old post with oldtrucker63 and Lo Lo and I hope they or someone else that can help is still around.Here's the situation, yesterday I bought a 1976 Dodge Sportsman motorhome at auction that has very low miles (6k), upon get...

Dodge ram 2500 rear and

I have a 97 dodge ram 2500 5.9v8. My rear end went out and it is extremely hard to find one around the Savannah, Ga area. My gears are 4:10. Is it possible to swap with another treat end or one that is similar??

I see the body electric!

Hi,An Esprinter soon to be available. https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1142202_2024-mercedes-benz-esprinter-ev-test-drive-review

LiFePo voltage sagging

120 AH, , nominal 12.8V.12.95V unloaded, 12.8 under 4-5 A load.  According to discharge curve 12.8 is 30% (they measured at much higher 0.5C rate discharge): Lynac 12.8V 120 AH .Quite a bit of sag. Battery is 3 years old.  I did bring it to 20% SOC o...

Almot by Explorer III
  • 12 replies

Adding Inverter for dry camping

I would like to add an additional battery (have one group 27 now), possibly a solar charging system and an inverter.I hate that the 120V outlets don't work on battery power. Seems crazy you can't charge a cell phone.Anyway, I would like to an an inv...