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Towing a Micro lite 21 FBRS with a Ford Ranger

I have a Ford Ranger with a 7,500 pound towing capacity and provides a maximum best-in-class payload capacity of 1,860 pounds. Its now called a mid size truck.  It has the towing package as well. With that being said Im still not convinced that it ca...

any good truck camper forums out there?

so I have tried with this forum and it is just messed up beyond all beliefe, new posts are horabaly highlighted at best, if some one replys to anything but the main topic then it isn't highlighted but moved up, the format for browsing is horrible.  a...

Swivel Seat Retro for Ford E350

Can anyone bring me up to speed on what is available now to turn the standard Ford E350 seats in a Class C into swivel seats ---- especially if the coach floor is 3-4 inches higher than the cockpit floor.Called Discount Van and Truck and got a very ...

oregon2 by Explorer
  • 14 replies

Introduce Yourself!

Hi all, and welcome to the Good Sam Community — we’re excited you’re here! Take this chance to say hello and tell us a bit about yourself. Whether this is your first time here or if you’ve already jumped into the conversations, kick today off with a ...

TeamGoodSam by Community Manager
  • 245 replies

Four Winds Truck Camper

Hello, I am new here and also new to slide in truck campers. I just bought a 1992 Four Winds slide in truck camper in almost like new condition from an elderly couple who always stored it in a barn. Unfortunately I cannot find any info online in rega...

Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

On 18 Dec, a very large cat showed up at our house. It was late and cold, and he looked in the door and made it clear he wanted inside. Well, since we have two cats already and he was a stranger, we could not let him in the house. WLToo walked out...

Freeze Dried Foods for RV Travel

We bought a freeze dryer, with the intention of having better tasting freeze dried foods available.  It's been a wild success so far, and we're literally still in the experimental stage.So far, we've freeze dried fruits, raw and cooked vegetables, ha...

A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Went camping this weekend at a campground on the lake, had not been there for a few years. Once there I began to walk around looking at the different sites when I noticed a very old dog. He just lay there until I got too close then he got up on three...

TPMS for the alcoa wheels

Has anyone installed a system in their alcoa wheels? If so what brand? A dealer tried to install in the wheel ones for me but said they would not let the tires go pat without messing them up. I told him to see if he could find another system and s...

50amp wiring question

Hello! Thank you in advance for any of your help (:I just bought a 2021 36ft travel trailer. It is wired as a 50amp with a 50amp plug BUT it only has one air conditioner and no washer and dryer. That being said, the trailer is prepped with connection...

Please help no hot water for 2 months

Hello I have been living In my 2005 Alpha leisure fifth wheel since December.  January  is when my hot water stop working!! Inreplaced the control board thermacouple and  igniter  I have blown out the vents from debris and it still won't ignite on it...

3D Printing Success Story

The jack covers on our 2014 Lance 865 had gotten very brittle and I broke one of them when I was washing the camper. After an exhaustive search, I was not able to find any OEM replacement covers for the Atwood jacks. I found someone on Etsy that offe...

NCMike by Explorer
  • 7 replies