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App for Propane Refill Prices in US

Has anyone found an APP that gives up to date propane refill prices by state, city, locality?If so please post.Note: Gas Buddy does not list propane prices. Neither do the websites for the large chains like Fly J/Pilot etc.Thanks

4X4Dodger by Explorer II
  • 17 replies

Propane fire pit

Hi folks,I recently bought a propane fire pit (Bond model 67836). It comes set up for a standard 20lb propane tank. Have folks have used these types of fire pits with the 1lb “disposable” tanks? I realize I will need to get an adapter to use them ...

Black Tank Treatments - Yay or Nay?

This is two-part thread....I have been RV camping for most of my life. I can always remember my dad using the old blue liquid in the toilet after dumping the tanks. This what I did once I started camping with my family. How many of y'all use chemical...

chops1sc by Explorer II
  • 61 replies

Truck Camper Trip Reports

https://community.goodsam.com/t5/truck-camper-group/truck-camper-trip-reports-v3-0/m-p/2551426Truck Camper Trip Report, I see that Good Sam still haven't pin this link to front of the line. There are many wonderful stories of TC adventures that shoul...

Introduce Yourself!

Hi all, and welcome to the Good Sam Community — we’re excited you’re here! Take this chance to say hello and tell us a bit about yourself. Whether this is your first time here or if you’ve already jumped into the conversations, kick today off with a ...

TeamGoodSam by Community Manager
  • 293 replies

Water on rubber Roof

We have a spot on our roof on our brand new 2024 coleman lantern trailer where water tends to pool. This has caused a brown spot on the rubber membrane. Is this normal? Will this cause the rubber to wear out and leak through to the roof underneath th...

jk1 by Explorer
  • 3 replies

What kind of gen should I shop for?

We just bought a new fifth wheel and it feels like starting over again. We've only ever owned toy haulers that are already prepped for dry camping with onboard generators and fuel tanks. So my question for the braintrust is, what should I shop for in...

7 year old tires

My 2018 trailer (purchased summer of 2017) has Goodyear Endurance tires. The 2 rear tires are worn and should be replaced. The front tires are in better shape. But they’re all 7 years old. Would you replace all 4? I’m ok with spending the money now a...

dissecting a Lippert Ground Control 3.0 landing leg

I have the electric Lippert GC 3.0 front landing leg that failed on me in Arizona this spring. I have boxed up the motor for a spare as I believe it is OK. I will test it later.I'd like to do an autopsy on the leg to see what failed and also to see i...

obie311 by Explorer II
  • 11 replies

Mud Flaps vs 5th Wheel Vortex

This question feels a little tinfoil-hat-ish, but… We’ve been towing a high profile 5er for years and I’m pretty good about strapping down things in the bed because the vortex in the truck bed will blow things around and even suck them out of the tru...

Lance 2285 Marker Light Replacement

I need to replace one of the ipper marker lights on my Lance 2285 travel trailer.  Does anyone know how I can access the wire connectors?  I haven't been able to locate an access panel in the bedroom cabinet/closet.

Gulf Stream Conquest owners

Hay all, new to this forum. Husband & I are seriously considering purchasing the Gulf Stream Conquest 6230. We would like to hear your reviews of this Class C. We live in hot & humid central FL and plan to spend a lot of time in Tucson, AZ. So my...

Looking to ship my fifth wheel

Anyone know of a relatively cheap fifth wheel shipping service? I’m trying to get my fifth wheel from Maryland to Fort Lauderdale for September 1st.