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7 year old tires

My 2018 trailer (purchased summer of 2017) has Goodyear Endurance tires. The 2 rear tires are worn and should be replaced. The front tires are in better shape. But they’re all 7 years old. Would you replace all 4? I’m ok with spending the money now a...

Bad Window Seal?

I Believe I have a bad window Seal on this window. It's been raining all day and the rain is coming in through the top of the window. My question is what should I buy to fix the issue? I don't have any experience with this 


Cat C7 starts, idles, but won't rev up in gear.

I have a 2005 Fleetwood Excursion on a Freightliner XC chassis with a 350 hp Cat C7. I drove it about 40 miles two weeks ago and it ran fine, accelerated good and ran 55-60 on the highway no problem. Yesterday I started it up tried to back out of m...

Randy_A by Explorer
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Tarp to cover camper

I was wondering if anyone is using a tarp to cover their camper. I am sick of buying covers that only last a year and don't want to spent five hundred dollars for a good coverThanksJeff

Massive Cuts at Stellantis

Looks like Rams future is heading towards the toilet.  This is what happens when companies are managed across the pond.Massive Cuts At Stellantis, Auburn Hills To Close? All Production Overseas? - YouTube 

new 2024

Well, the 2012 X5 35d BMW SUV is at 175,000 miles, and while still going strong, the wife-mate has been jonesing for a pick up for years, and is deeply concerned that just maybe it's time to retire it from the hard job of dragging the TT around the c...


Propane fire pit

Hi folks,I recently bought a propane fire pit (Bond model 67836). It comes set up for a standard 20lb propane tank. Have folks have used these types of fire pits with the 1lb “disposable” tanks? I realize I will need to get an adapter to use them ...

RV/VAN Shipping

Hello - We need to ship our Thor Scope (18 Feet) from Oregon to Florida.  Any recommendations for providers and/or experience (do's/don'ts) you can pass on?  Thanks, Rob

Chevy Duramax DEF issues

I have been following a thread recently on duramaxforum.com which is following people that have had DEF problems with their 2011 and newer chevy duramax trucks. I happen to be one of them. My truck is in the shop for the second time, first time the...

My 5th wheel shudders violently when towing.

I have a 2015 GMC 2500HD Crew Cab diesel with a B&W turnover ball hitch and a B&W companion hitch towing a 2006 Cedar Creek Silverback 29LRLBS (unloaded weight of 10,070 lbs. The hitch was installed by the dealer who I purchased the camper from and ...

Sled208 by Explorer
  • 26 replies

Converting my Dodge Fireball into a mobile Art studio

I've been converting my 1979 Dodge F40 Fireball into an Art studio, and it just recently stopped running. It parked on a residential street that gets street cleaned and I've gotten 4 tickets so far. I can't find any mechanic to help me out. So I star...

Roadtrip from IN to CO - stopping points

We will be traveling with a 30 ft C-class from madison IN to Colorado. Would love suggestions for stopping points along the way. We love golfing, good food and definitely like to hook up the RV. Our trip will be 2 weeks.