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We have a ‘21 Montana 3761 fl. It’s 41’ long and 13’ 4” tall.  Iv only ever used google maps,and so far its worked fine. Starting in the spring we’re going to start venturing out farther. I’m thinking of going with the RV.net so that it knows the hei...

Possible to Change Default Layout in New Forum?

One of the biggest annoying things about the new layout is the lack of density of the topics. Whereas I used to be able to look at a page and see about 30 topics and know what was new since I logged in, all without scrolling, now I have to scroll sev...

adamis by Explorer III
  • 1 replies

Sleepy whereabouts

Has anyone heard from Sleepy recently? He was a knowledgable old fellow and it was fun to read about his frequent TC Boondocking reports. He ventured over to FB a few years ago and that was the last i heard. Hope he’s still kicking around.Rick

RICKIM by Explorer III
  • 1 replies

2024 Northern California Truck Camper Rally

It's hard to believe but it is that time of year to start planning for our 2024 Northern California Truck Camper rally. We had a great time last year and hope to build on it this year. This year I am going to try to put a little more structure into t...

adamis by Explorer III
  • 6 replies

Any Hope for This New GS Truck Camper Group?

It's been a few weeks since the old forum was shut down and this new forum opened up, but I only see a few old members have joined and not really much for posts (20 total members as of the last few days).  I really liked all of the knowledgeable folk...

MORSNOW by Traveler
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Ford f150 Payload

Looking at F-150 to carry the Lance at 2750 dry.  Sold my 2500HD, and need a short truck to fit in my garage.  So, looked at GM 1500's, and payload says 1800-2200 lbs ... I thinking based on equipment and truck weight.  So, it cannot haul that camper...

Replacing A Old Furnace With A Diesel Heater?

I'm living in a 86 terry by fleetwood. I don't trust my furnace from terralab engineers running 24/7 so I'm wondering on the ol amazon diesel heaters which would solve a lot of my problems since I'm living in MN so I'm wondering if anyone else done t...

Resolved! Just Bad Luck?

02/06/2023 we bought a 2019 Forest River Salem Hemisphere GLX. Paid extra for a presale inspection. Our first trip was a short 2 hour drive and 2 hours back. Loved it with no problems. Second trip 4 hours each way. No problems except noticed I had to...

spiker44 by Explorer
  • 13 replies

Leaky Plumbing & Winter Living Prep Questions

I figured I would knock out my questions in one topic rather posting multiple threads.So I have a 86 Terry by Fleetwood that I just started living in a couple of months back since my housing plans fell through when I moved back to my home state and I...

freshwater pump maddening problem

The freshwater pump in our RV (2007 Itasca Navion) stopped holding pressure - it would run up to pressure, stop, then cycle every 15-20 seconds (estimated; never timed on the old pump). Based on advice here and at Winnebago, I bought a new pump and ...

Heading to Seattle

A friend will be heading from Kansas City to Seattle after Christmas.  She will be driving a motorhome with a Jeep toad.  Can someone give some advice for this trip and the best route to take.

Resolved! Autimatic Transfer Switch?

Was about to order switch by TRC/Southwire, 30A, huge 14" box, $95.  Then found an old thread by Mr Wizard, he bought some Chinese motor-driven gizmo for less than half of the cost - and it was smaller too: 2P 63A.Now I'm thinking about this switch, ...

Almot by Explorer II
  • 27 replies
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