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Normal sound?

Is it normal for a slide out to sound like a machine gun when it comes to the end of its run either all the way out or all the way in?

d1h by Explorer II
  • 0 replies

All in one ATS/converter/charger

so I want to upgrade the old camper to be able to have 110 power also since I have 300AH to play with now, so I was going to ass a inverter.   well looking around at inverters for almost the same cost I cna get a all in one from renogy for about 100 ...

40 foot 5th wheel in Yellowston NP

We have been to YS a number of time.  We have always stayed outside the NP.  This summer  we would like to stay in the park.  Any campground that can accommodate a 40 foot 5th wheel??

TenOC by Explorer III
  • 9 replies

How to test Converter voltage

I'm having trouble with my heater shutting off after about 20 minutes and the battery appears to be draining quickly when I look at the the central control panel in my RV.  I think the two are related so I'm trying to determine if my battery is being...

dunawayk by Visitor II
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Autimatic Transfer Switch?

Was about to order switch by TRC/Southwire, 30A, huge 14" box, $95.  Then found an old thread by Mr Wizard, he bought some Chinese motor-driven gizmo for less than half of the cost - and it was smaller too: 2P 63A.Now I'm thinking about this switch, ...

Almot by Explorer
  • 23 replies

Lifting my class C

I have a new-to-me Class C, a 1997 Four Winds, 23ft long.Often, when I enter a gas station or other driveway, I drag my butt on the pavement. Technically, I drag the hitch (see pic below). I'm afraid this will get worse when I'm towing my 7x14 traile...

Nomadist by Explorer
  • 79 replies

the breakdown that saved my hide

My wife qualified for the National Dressage finals in Kentucky and we live in Northern California.  That means we were doing a 5000 mile round trip hauling the horse.  It also means we were going to cross the Sierras and the Rockies twice on I80.  Th...

20231102_093729.jpg 20231101_104514~2.jpg 20231101_151525.jpg

Western Group

So where in the heck is the Western Group ?  Western like Cowboy, or Western like out west?  I don't consider CA Western but what do I know ?  

Gathering of information

Like the title says gathering information on possible going full-time. So would like a good group to help answer questions. Just my husband and me. Nothing has been bought.Husband did find a fifthwheel he liked. He likes the GD 398th. I'm liking but,...

In-line Water Meter

This is something that we have found to be really handy when filling up our fresh water tank or when flushing the black tank.  Don't worry, we have two different in-line water meters for each of the mentioned applications, LOL! It's pretty much a gue...

Picture - Water Meter.jpg

Leveling Question

We have a 2016, 25; Forest River Sabre 5th wheel.  For the sake of this scenerio, let's say the truck and trailer is on perfectly level ground both front  and side to side.  Typically when attached to the truck the front of the trailer is approx. 4-5...

Resolved! New Truck Camper Forum Comments

I wonder how many will come over to the new forum page from RV.Net?  I thought we would see all of our old subjects over here and just continue on as usual, but so far they haven't been moved.  I hope the forum continues as this was the last page tha...

IMG_4074 (002).jpg
MORSNOW by Traveler
  • 44 replies

Getting Warranty Service While Living In Your RV

What is the typical process for getting warranty service, or non-warranty service, while living in your RV full time? I have a 2 year warranty on my Jayco trailer and I am at almost 6 months. There are a lot of small items and some bigger items tha...

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