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Domicile: Texas vs. Florida

We're looking at domicile options. Since we'll be full time RVing, but not retired, we want to eliminate the state income tax, so we're looking at options via Escapees. Texas and Florida seem to be the best choices, but I'm wondering if one is bet...

Sonny54 by Explorer II
  • 33 replies

Surge or Electric brake tow dolly

So I just got rid of my Fiver and got a 36 foot motorhome (used). I may use a tow dolly for a couple different reasons but some that I look at have an electric or surge brake option. My MH has a Prodigy controller installed so why would I want a surg...

Cat c7 question

I have a cat c7 7.2 liter engine in a 2004 Phaeton. I know that this was the first year that they changed over to the c7 7.2 liter from the previous years 7.2 liter cat engines. My question is how long did cat use the c7 engine like mine. I know that...

n4hwl by Explorer
  • 20 replies

2004 Coachmen Cross Country water fill control panel

Have a 2004 Coachmen Cross Country 354MSB with a water fill control panel with 5 separate control valves for various settings. Need to know the manufacturer and/or where to get replacement valves... One knob broken making it a necessity to use pliers...

dadd by Explorer
  • 3 replies

Can I Drive My RV in the Winter?

Winter is here, and the open road is calling!  But the big question remains: Can I drive my RV in the winter wonderland? Let's navigate the chilly terrain together.Question of the Day: Can you drive your RV in the winter? What are your go-to tips for...

MY-IVVI by Explorer II
  • 15 replies

Looking to gain knowledge

Hello,I am new to this amazingly exciting and nerve racking world of RV motorhome ownership. I’ll cut to the chase but must say any help would be so much appreciated!I am the owner of a 1979 Chevy Rockwood motorhome. I’m trying to understand the grey...

Looking for a Sofa Bed in SoCal

Hi all, I'm looking for a RV Sofa Bed urgently. Mine is very uncomfortable and old. We want to change it and want to do it in the next two weeks. We are looking for a Tri-Fold or Hide-a-Bed sofa. We have gone to Camping World at La Mirada but they on...

fvidania by Explorer
  • 15 replies

Sprinter B

We are considering buying a Sprinter B, either RT or LTV. About pre 2007 or so they have a MB 2.7L and then a 3.0 V6 after that. Are there concerns with either? I read MB recommends a maintenence interval of 20,000 miles. How much would I expect to p...

2112 by Explorer II
  • 53 replies

Looking for 2008 Monaco Safari Simba 35SFD manual

Hello:We just picked up our 2008 Monaco Safari Simba and we love it....but it needs a little TLC.....I am now looking for an operating manual for this unit to help on the repairs.If any of you have advice on how to find one please let me know.Thanks ...

freshwater pump maddening problem

The freshwater pump in our RV (2007 Itasca Navion) stopped holding pressure - it would run up to pressure, stop, then cycle every 15-20 seconds (estimated; never timed on the old pump). Based on advice here and at Winnebago, I bought a new pump and ...

TrekMate 737PG Key Fobs?

Several months ago, I made a post seeing if anyone knew of a modern replacement for the TrekMate 737PG security system.  Not surprisingly, it didn't get any replies.  I got very close to purchasing a Viper system (made for autos) that could be expand...