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gas problem

We have a Sportscoach III , on a C-30 chassis, with a 454 in it . Made by Chevrolet before Sportscoach was taken over by Coachman. It has a 100 gallon gas tank on it . We took it out for a test drive and an overnight 4 or so months ago and we nearly ...

Can toll booths read transponder w/C overhang?

I don't think we owned a toll-paying transponder with our previous Class C. Now that we're back in one (and loving it!), a question popped into my head: Can the readers "see" or communicate with the transponder in its "proper" location next to the ...

Todo: Test furnace ....OMG, IT WORKED 1ST TIME!!!.

Hmmm, robbed me of the opportunity to learn all about the HydroFlame 8531-ll. But I'll take the win.Turned on the LP and set the thermostat on the furnace and turned it on. Went outside to check the furnace to see if any thing was clicking, the blowe...

Relays under the hood?

What are all these relays for? It definitely looks aftermarket and done for the camper. I have a button near the steering wheel to use the house batteries to help start the chassis, one of them may be for that. There is also that one nearer the front...

Starter Batteries

Does anyone have any kind of schematic showing where the cables(wires) go in hooking up the starter batteries on a 1999 National Tradewinds. Had batteries replaced and now he isn't quite sure where all the wires go properly. I know they should have ...

howdy35 by Explorer II
  • 5 replies

Ford V10

Has anyone had to replace the throttle body on a V10? And if so what year was your unit & the amount of miles..

Freshwater fill - city water issue?

Doing the pretrip chores for a short trip and have encountered an issue I've never seen. The coach was been winterized with all freshwater drained and the lines blown out {with anti freeze in all of the traps -black and grey tanks}. Added 30 gallons...


I have a 2003 Duch star I used the Refrigerator all last weekend on gas mode just fine. But today it work for a while them stopped working on the gas? It's working fine hooked up to electric. It's getting gas just not Igniting. Any thoughts what mig...

David0725 by Explorer II
  • 11 replies

Can’t remove AC cover for maintenance

The screws that hold the AC cover on—I can’t get one out. When I try to remove it, the female threads, which are under the AC cover, spin along with the screw. Tried penetrating oil, pulling up on the AC cover, and putting a piece of wire under the...

chast by Explorer II
  • 10 replies

I need a toad.

I sold my 5th wheel a year ago and been pretty happy with the Class C towing a trailer with either my motorcycle(s) or my UTV. This coming spring the wife wants to go NE and we'll need a toad of some sort to get around. I'm thinking Honda CRV and I...

Kober by Explorer
  • 19 replies

Propane Tank Issues

Hello. 2008 Thor Hurricane 34B. Our daughter has been living in it since the end of June while awaiting getting her own place. Had to fill the propane tank recently and within a day or two it was completely empty.Looked underneath I found a female th...

Wsm239 by Explorer
  • 15 replies

ALWAYS something!

Been in the Class "A" camping thing since about 07. This is our second unit. EVERY time I've gone out, in this one and the one before something breaks. EVERY time. This time I have several issues. Outside radio not working. Awning acting up. O...

RJL by Explorer
  • 33 replies

New Chevy chassis

I hear a lot of discussion about the new Ford 7.3 liter engine but have not heard any about the new Chevy chassis. Has anyone purchased a new MH with the Chevy chassis? On paper it looks to have more HP and Torque.

Gjac by Explorer III
  • 7 replies