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portable toilet chemical

A subject we have all seen here on the forum is odor or smell from the black water tank. A suggestion/solution to that problem that I have never seen here is adding the chemicals that they use in portable outdoor toilets that you see at outdoor even...

fantastic fan

I have a stripped wormgear in my 6600 fantastic fan with remote control and when I was trying to open the fan I broke the plastic where the handle is screwed on....Does anyone know where I can get just these parts without buying the whole fan???

Budsmith by Explorer
  • 5 replies

2000 Georgie Boy schematics

It's Needle in the Haystack time. A friend is looking for schematics or design drawing showing the aluminum side wall and front cap structure and bracing for his 2000 Georgie Boy 34' Class A. Since they're no longer in business, chances are slim, b...

Damon electrical issue

I was bringing in the living room slide the other night, when it quit moving and the lights went out in the coach. Checked the shore power, it was on, switched to batteries and was able to get the slide in...also had lights. Now, no power to the ho...

SRB by Explorer
  • 21 replies

Chassis.....Ford versus Chevy

I was surprised to read in another thread where somebody said the Ford chassis has handling problems on the class C motorhomes. I tried to do a search on this but didn't have any luck, could somebody please elaborate a bit on this. We are looking and...

Myrtle Beach Rv Resorts

We're heading to Myrtle Beach in about one week and were wondering if anyone could give any adice on a good campground close to town . We've been debating between Ocean Lakes and Lakewood resorts . Has anyone stayed here before and wich one would you...

oscar111 by Explorer
  • 17 replies

Fiberglass maintainance from desert parked coach

I've gotten some great information on this forum as I'm searching for a used coach. I expect to purchase a West Coast used (likely) Winnebago and it will likely be a 2001 or 2002. The 2002 I'm close to buying has always been outdoor parked in Phoenix...

gap between windshield and body

I recently had my seal replaced on the windshield. when they looked at it they found the area where my window vents were, (we call it the dog house because our dog loves to lay there), had been made to big and was pushing against the windshield. Th...

RickLap by Explorer
  • 2 replies

Bin Door Lock ID

Can anyone help me identify this compartment door lock. I have searched and so far no luck. I can find no name on it, neither inside nor outside. It does have a unique half circle decoration on it. It is used on 2 or 3 of my compartment doors and has...

ck engine lite comes on v10

ck engine lite comes on when fuel gage reaches 3/4 fullauto zone readout on codes calls for fuel system,,engine runs good, gas mpg is 9-10.fuel filter hasbeen changedwhat is wrong

ron_sky by Explorer
  • 9 replies


Can any one refer me to an outfit that might rent truck campers in the Pacific Northwest or... how I might find a private party willing to rent me their truck camper?I'm targeting summer 2014.Thank you,Bob BrettOlympia, WA360-350-7575 cell

BobBrett by Explorer
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Tow dolly what do I need

I have a fleetwood Discovery w/ 275HP CUMMINS Turbo Diesel with Allison 6-Speed Electronic Transmission. I want to get a tow dolly for my 2012 Ford Fusion which can run 4 down. The MH can tow 5000 lbs, and the ford is about 4500 lbs. I am confused ...

kidkasha by Explorer
  • 48 replies

Lights in storage compartment.

I recently purchased a 92 Pace Arrow 35' by Fleetwood. There is no power to the lights in the storage compartments. I cannot locate the power source or fuses. Does any one have a clue where they might be located?

billhrln by Explorer
  • 6 replies

uncomfortable driving class a dp

I have a 2002 Endeavor DP, my right hip bothers me after I drive about 30 miles, I know I can use the cruse and I do when I can. I have moved the seat in all kinds of position's with no help. Seems like I have to keep my leg more to the right for the...

ROYBUCK by Explorer
  • 16 replies

Can't run both AC's in Texas

I have a Fleetwood Excursion 2008. My power kicks off if I run. Both AC's. all power goes down. It is HOT in Texas. The coach is 40 foot and should really cool us. Some electrical parts work plugs only, some lights. What is going on? If I star...