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easy operation of extension handle for washing rig

I use one of the 13' yellow extension handles for washing my rig. I thought it was just me that had a hard time with the twist locks, dry and wet. I've had 8 trigger finger surgeries and my grip isn't so great anymore. One fellow RV'er said he carried 2 pair of channel locks in his pocket.

The last time I washed my roof I had the wife throw me up one of the rubber grip pads for opening jar lids. It worked GREAT, even when thrown in the wash bucket.

After I was all done, rested and putting things away. I found a comfortable hand placement for me to operate the twist lock. I cut the pad into a couple of strips that would wrap around the pole. I Super Glued the strips to the yellow handle of the pole. No more problem.
2012 Chevy 3500HD Dually 4X4
Crew Cab long bed 6.0 gasser 4.10
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Great idea! I have the same problem and will give your solution a try. Thank you for sharing.
2010 Suncruiser