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Algae in hose

Got a problem with algae building up in my water hose. Had tried the White drinking water hose and even the Blue one. Still getting algae building up where hose connects to RV. Covered the hose in the black foam pipe wrap, placed under my RV and s...

daytona7 by Explorer
  • 26 replies

Good Sam credit card fails me

So normally I am a pretty good natured person and try not to let things get to me. I understand that things can happen but for me this one takes the cake. I have the Comenity Bank issued Good Sam card that I have tied to some automatic payments such ...

Concern about RVing with Our Dogs

My husband and I want to purchase a travel trailer and camp with our dogs. Our dogs have a pack mentality and bark at other dogs and other animals scurrying at night. We thought about renting an RV to test the waters but dog friendly RV rentals are ...

Good Sam RV Insurance Feedback

We are considering Good Sam RV insurance to cover the chance that our TV or trailer has major issues on the road. We currently have AAA but that would only cover our TV and would not help with getting our TT back to civilization while the TV was bei...

Fiberglass wax

What is a good easy on easy off wax or polish for a fiberglass RV that will also protect decals from the elements.

d1h by Nomad II
  • 5 replies

insurance and roof leaks

While doing yard work this afternoon, I noticed a guy up on the roof of neighbors FW. He was taking pictures, and hollered at neighbor below "lots of openings up here, this has been leaking a long time". My question is, does comprehensive insurance p...

MFL by Nomad II
  • 15 replies

Looking for advice on a towbar setup!

We have a 03 SeeYa Alfa Coach 37'. We would like to tow our Honda Element behind it so the wife can enjoy riding in the coach and have to follow behine me when we go camping. Is there any recommendations on brands or styles of towbars for the Element...

Optimum RV, Ocala, Florida

I recently went full time Rving, May 8th. My wife and I have been camping for over 42 years in about every type camper. We purchased a 2006 Itaska Motorhome this time and had the worst experience ever, It ended up costing us several thousand dollars ...

Arctic Fox 22G

Is it safe to tow this trailer with a 1/2 ton? http://northwoodmfg.com/arctic-fox-2/arctic-fox-22g/

rvdd by Explorer
  • 16 replies


We are planning a trip from Salt Lake City to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone at the end of May. I'm struggling to decide if we should rent a 24' Class C Motorhome or a 20' campervan. This would be our only means of transportation while there. We do...

Airstream fresh water tank drain valve replacement

I took possession of my brand new Airstream in May, 2017. In November, 2022, 5&1/2 years later, when I went to winterize, the plastic handle of the fresh water tank drain valve broke off. Every place that I tried to grip it to turn the valve to open ...

Bobbo by Explorer II
  • 3 replies

Using LP Quick Connect

We have a 2024 Grand Design Imagine with a LP Quick Connect.We want to use the LP QC with our Weber Q grill.Is there a way to do this without removing the regulator on the grill?

Ljava by Explorer
  • 9 replies

Good RV GPS App

I've been wondering if there is a good RV specific  GPS app for iPhone that will work with CarPlay. Regular Apple Maps or Google maps sometimes are not all that great when you are towing a 30ft travel trailer. Have been taken on some roads you should...

d1h by Nomad II
  • 4 replies

Bike rack mounted to 5th wheel bed rails.

When I set up our 5th wheel on a campsite that we're going to occupy for an extended period, I like to unpin my 5th wheel hitch from the bed rails and lift it out of the truck. I usually just leave it locked on the kingpin and let it stay there until...

Like Home Exchange, but for RVs

There is a site (swaptheroad) that allows us all to travel cheaply by temporarily exchanging our vehicles!To travel around the world, you no longer need to resort to sea transport or rent a vehicle locally...