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Good RV GPS App

I've been wondering if there is a good RV specific  GPS app for iPhone that will work with CarPlay. Regular Apple Maps or Google maps sometimes are not all that great when you are towing a 30ft travel trailer. Have been taken on some roads you should...

d1h by Traveler
  • 4 replies

Bike rack mounted to 5th wheel bed rails.

When I set up our 5th wheel on a campsite that we're going to occupy for an extended period, I like to unpin my 5th wheel hitch from the bed rails and lift it out of the truck. I usually just leave it locked on the kingpin and let it stay there until...

Like Home Exchange, but for RVs

There is a site (swaptheroad) that allows us all to travel cheaply by temporarily exchanging our vehicles!To travel around the world, you no longer need to resort to sea transport or rent a vehicle locally...

Blue ox

HiJust got a used blue ox tow bar. On install I notice the arms in a horizontal position when preparing for towing. I can see where that could get handy for positioning the toad. But wonder if it means the pivot is too sticky or binding. Whats normal...

greg126 by Explorer
  • 0 replies

1996 Pleasureway

Hello, I am new to the Forum. I am interested in buying a 1996 pleasure way that I see on rvtrader.com, and it looks to be in pretty good shape. My question is, it's listed at $19,500, is that a good price? The only reason why I think it might be a l...

tmski23 by Explorer
  • 2 replies

Wet bath accessories and storage

I’ve been looking into wet baths lately as I consider what sort of RV types and layouts I’d maybe want to live in. One thing I notice is that most of the wet bath pictures I find on Google are from RVs for sale (presumably), and so they’re all pretty...

Where do you put your trash can?

In both our previous Class A's we had space for a 13 gal trash can under the sink. In our last FW we had space for 2. In our current MBS Class C, there is no place I can think of to put even a small trash can. Looking for creative ideas you folks may...

way2roll by Traveler II
  • 15 replies

salvage title

Hello,I am hoping someone might have an idea to help my situation.My Okanagan camper was in an accident and the other drivers insurance decided it was a total loss and paid me for it. They paid me less because i decided to keep it. they never gave me...

New bee’s

Hi all, just joined and we [ wife] are starting our rv travels. We have 30 foot class b+ concord. We live out side Phoenix Arizona and have lived here for 38 years. We are both retired and we are so excited for the future of traveling.  If anyone has...

DC2 by Explorer
  • 2 replies

RV Service and Repair??????????????

Am I the only one who is seeing downright bad RV repair/service these days?My fridge stopped cooling back in June. I called Dometic who gave me a local certified Dometic repair company. He came out, disconnected a wire and said he would be back in ...

SGTJOE by Explorer II
  • 30 replies

Truck bed cargo

I remember following a thread years ago on RV.net about what stuff folks haul in their truck bed while towing their TT. It was kind of interesting to read the array of things, toys, tools, and stuff. There were even a few who towed with nothing in th...

Boxing for Parkinson’s and family

my name is Michael Gonzalez. I do a boxing program for Parkinson’s patients out of my Winnebago RV when I go to KOA campsites I will be doing this this summer. Hopefully people can come and enjoy it it’s free and it’s fun

Bm123 by Explorer
  • 1 replies

GLA 250 Dolly towing

Can anyone tell me if I can tow a GLA 250 with a dolly? IT is front wheel drive, I believe the steering column does not lock, however the emergency brake is automatic. Not sure if there is an over ride for this. Are there an fuses to be pulled (like ...

Curley71 by Explorer
  • 7 replies
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