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Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to Community 101, your Community Cheat Sheet, where we make it easy to get involved and stay connected. Because, like your first time camping, a little orientation helps!

This Cheat Sheet explains the interactive features of the Good Sam Community to bring you up-to-speed to join the conversations. Interact with other members and participate to earn new badges, grow your rank, and provide helpful solutions to others. 

Post/Reply - Community members interact by posting and replying to threads. This allows you to ask questions, provide insight, and learn more. There are two ways to post on the Good Sam Community. 

  • First, you can easily reply to an existing thread. Use the search bar or the category tabs to find and join threads of interest, and simply reply to a post when you have something to say!

If you’re answering a question, be sure to tag (@) the users you are replying to, so they see your post. You can also tag other members of the community in your reply. 

  • Next, if you don’t see your topic or question in an existing thread, you can always start your own. Simply click on “Start a conversation,” and start by adding a subject line that addresses your question or topic. In the details, you can get more specific. Tag others you think might be interested in contributing. 

Rank -  Each member receives an overall rank within the Community. This is based on your contributions to the platform. You grow your rank by frequently contributing helpful content, adding comments, providing solutions, and engaging with others on the platform. You can also improve your rank by reacting to others’ contributions with likes, making sure your profile is complete, and contributing photos!

You can see your current rank on your profile or next to your name in the forums.

Groups - Group Hubs help you find specific content channels for your interests. Whether it’s a particular region, activity, or bucket list item, find others in the Group Hubs who share your passion

To see our Community Guidelines click here.