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WA - Spokane to Everett US2 or I90?

I have a grand adventure coming up next month, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to cross the State of Washington. I'll be towing my 20ft Sportsmen Classic.I have picked Everett as a stop point for the night, before heading into Canada... I'l...

Vancouver island and Prince Rupert to Jasper.

Woohoo. Camping season is almost upon us. Last year we explored up to parksville and then over to Ucluelet and Tofino. This year our intention is to make a great circle and go from the Okanagan to the island, up the island and take the ferry up to P...

Sacramento to Redondo Beach, CA?

I'll be taking 99 to the 5 to the 405. What time and day would anyone suggest for this trip? My brother was just down there and said the traffic has gotten horrid! Kinda thinking on leaving Sac on Friday or Saturday at like 10 at night getting me dow...

US 50 construction update

FYI: US 50 between Montrose and Gunnison, CO the construction will continue into June 2024. Not sure what the delays will be but check out US50info.com for the latest information before planning to travel through this area. 

Best route from Scranton to Bar Harbor

We’re up from Florida staying the night just north of Scranton. Looking for the best route to Acadia. Would like to avoid big cities and expensive tolls yet keeping in mind we’re in a class A with a tow. Any advice greatly appreciated.

89A Flagstaff to Sedona...

Had a nice ride from our home In Payson up 87 to Lake Mary Road and on into Flagstaff. After lunch at our favorite burger joint we headed down 89A through Oak Creek Canyon and on through Sedona. The length limits have changed quite a bit over the la...

LA Transit Alternatives

Daughter headed south on I 5 with 34' 5er horse trailer and horse to Temecula. This may be late afternoon on Sunday 10/29. I've recommended 5, 210, 15. What about 210, 57, 71, 91,15?I also recommended 5, 46, 99, 58, 395, 15, 215 which avoids part of...

Alaskan Marine Highway Experience?

Hello All,I am in the very preliminary stages of planning a trip to Alaska. It is at the soonest a 2025 trip. One of the places we'd like to see is Glacier Bay National Park, which is only accessible by plane or ferry. Has anyone used the Alaskan ...

SuperBus by Traveler
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Bandon to Medford

We planned on traveling from Brookings to Phoenix OR via 199. There are road closures now, so I found a route of going back up to Bandon and across via 42. How is 42 for travel trailers. Any info appreciated with this crazy rain.Thanks!

Demopolis AL to Gulf State Park

Going to be going from Foscue Creek COE in Demopolis Al. to Gulf State Park campground. Looks like my options are 43 from Demopolis to I-65 outside of Mobile to I-10 to 59 into Gulf Shores. The other option is 43 to 84 at Grove Hill, to 1 at Purdue H...

Pahrump Nv to Baker Ca

Anyone know if the road from Pahrump Nv to Baker Ca is open? I think that would be 372/178 to Shoshone and 127 on to Baker.

mt1729 by Explorer
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