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My now 50 year-old daughter, was a Campfire Bug.


Many moons have passed us as we set under a harvest moon. Many times over many years I would roll my family into a campsite and we would all join in setting up camp chairs, Tables, a Grill, a Fishing pole rack, and a ground Rug for the dog to lay on, while mom walked about free from sticks and stones between or hurting her toes. 

We did not roast hot dogs on the grill, nor did we make S'mores on a grill. Man, that would take on the fun of camping with the kiddos away from winter night in Florida as the temps were in the 40s, with well-placed logs nicely stacked for the nightly campfire. I was soon to learn what a little firebug our daughter was becoming at the age of 8 to 12, roasting her hot dogs, or helping her mom make her beloved S'mores.

Today she and her eight little docks follow her to the campfire and learn as she how to make all of that and more of the campfire. I recall only looking over the picnic table of the top of her head passing on the underside, with her pigtails running off the side of her little head poping up with a hot dog on a stick. Today I see that same grown woman, with a wire stick fixing hot dogs for her little ducklings.

Each of them like their mother has become a lover of the flames. We all have passed down over time to our most beloved children on earth. Before the doorstep lights were burning candles at the windows and before were campfires burning just outside the caves of our families to keep away predators in search of easy food. 

I so much do enjoy over a good campsite a well-placed campfire, For the whole family to pray and give thanks for what all we have been given on earth. All before a good night's slumber. I have also learned a little moss-burning will keep away them little blood suckers away yet fill the clothing with the smells of campsites not too far away in the distant moon's bright light shining atop the RV's roofline and trees. But like all wonderful fun things in life, we must roll up the rug, fold up the chairs, and pack everything for a slow ride back home for a much-needed shower and fresh clean clothing as the wonderful fun weekend of campground fun washes away down the drain yet again. Man, it's good to be home with family as they run for maps a books to plan out yet, another soon getaway into the woods.

 2021 Mercedes-Bens Passager Van 3500XD, 3.0L V6 Diesel 4X2, 7 speed Automatic,.Dual rear wheels, Coachmen Galleria, Li3. 24FL