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Update on finding an RV travel companion.


Seven years ago, I started a thread of asking what sites can I find an RV Travel companion and initially since there wasn’t much of a response I stopped looking at that forum but when I started looking yesterday, I saw the thread was still active though very dated  (although from comments I’ve read on here  there was an administrative  change so do not know if I can still do so but if this is still up I guess one can.

I am in my sixties, female, Asian American, home base in CA but can meet you where YOU are at to start. I preferably want to travel with someone who has one because I don’t like driving that much but love road trips (not piggybacking as someone posted in my reply) but wanted to go this way to share not only expenses but experiences!  Also I am not familiar with mechanics which might be useful if something happens. I have references from people that I have traveled with before if worried about me, but I assure you that I am easy going as well as easy on the eyes!  I am not afraid of traveling with strangers, knock on word, have not had any BAD experiences, at the most we had a friendly parting but not have been in contact with them later.  They have all been men, but since I am NOT seeking a romance (if male though traveling with females is o.k) I am not averse to that but that’s not my primary goal.

I have checked out  the sites suggested on my last thread and then there is Facebook, not too much success, there (there were some people,  because I don’t post every day every single thing I’ve done accused me of being fake, I am NOT (which make them say that even more).  Someone suggested caravans but as I said I don’t like driving that much,  am thinking of buying another rig (have a Jucy van) but it’s too small-unless the second  person wants to  clamber up the roof nest each time,  class C is the best, (I don’t mind sleeping above the cab)and just looking for someone who likes to drive!  If you DO want to travel with me, contact me here through direct messages we can exchange number and photos then, if necessary. I will be checking here to see that this post is still up`.  If you have thoughts and opinions (based on my last experience posting a similar title) on the safety of doing this  I’d prefer that you NOT post it, I’ve already read sentiments on that, thank you.