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1995 M-32 Montery by Cobra Class A Motorhome

I bought this RV over an year ago and still have not figured out how to turn on the back bedroom AC. The manual says there is a switch at the foot of the bed to switch from the front air to the bedroom air. There is no switch there. Can any one tell me how to turn on the other air conditioner? This is a 1995 Monterey by Cobra. 32 footer.
Curtis from ND

I looked in the fuse box nothing there.
The other air conditioner runs off of the thermostat of course.
I tried to turn on the the generator and have shore power hooked up in case it needed more power to kick in but the did not make it come on.

I never had a Cobra brand MH,
But did have a 92 Komfort MH, it had a switch in Clothes Closet to switch the bedroom A/C between the onboard generator or the auxillary 20 amp power cord that was dedicated to the bedroom A/C, the rear A/C could not be powered from the 30amp Rv shore cord,
Both from the 5kw generator or both using separate shore cords in a campground provide the power outlets were available,
I bring this up only to give you something to look for,
I know the switch in the closet was factory, the second 20amp cord may have been a modification, it might have come from the mfg as either or , front or rear when on shore, both on generator
I can explain it to you.
But I Can Not understand it for you !


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we had a 1990 cobra malibu and never figured out how to use the bedroom AC. we ended up removing it at putting in a fantastic fan.
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I suspect the switch is in the same location as the 120 volt circuit breakers. It was used on older 30 amp coaches with 2 ACs. It switches the 120 volt service between ACs. It should have 3 positions. Rear-Off-Front.
Or could it be that your coach has an Intellitec load sharing system. It was introduced in the mid 90s.

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