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Bike rack mounted to 5th wheel bed rails.


When I set up our 5th wheel on a campsite that we're going to occupy for an extended period, I like to unpin my 5th wheel hitch from the bed rails and lift it out of the truck. I usually just leave it locked on the kingpin and let it stay there until we're ready to hook up and depart. This leaves the bed of my truck free for anything I want to haul around.

I would like to find a bike rack - for 2 e-bikes - that's designed to be pinned in place using the 5th wheel bed rails. Has anyone seen anything like this ?

And before I get a bunch of comments about just using a bike rack designed for the hitch receiver, I have looked at quite a few of those. And there's nothing wrong with the higher quality models. But I would much prefer to have our expensive e-bikes securely mounted in the bed of the truck, rather than hanging on the hitch receiver.