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I'm getting used to the new forum.

Nomad III
Nomad III

It does take some time and in many ways it's better than RVnet.  Although my heart will always be in a truck camper I'm afraid I'll be leaving soon.  We looked at a couple of Minnie Winnies and forest river Rockwood's.  We liked them and are much easier to get into than our present Dually, Lance 1181 rig.  Getting old I guess.  I had a kid here last night to look at the truck camper but he was clueless on the operation and the truck he would need to haul it.  He offered me a fair price but I'm hesitant to sell it to him.  We'll see.  anyway the forum is great and I look forward to many years with some old RVnet and LOA friends.  Have a great day campers!!!!!



Nomad II
Nomad II

Truck Camping is a state of mind., I believe. We have been looking for alternatives that do everything at least as good as our TC - so far, no luck.

You will be fine. It is important that you travel at all, but not in which type of vehicle.

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